5 Best High CFM Case Fans For Your Gaming PC In 2020

Gaming PC’s are not easily built. Careful thought and consideration go into choosing the parts and deciding which one works for you. Of course, a number of different factors come into play that governs them. However, one thing that is quite common is that they are loaded with hardware that generates a lot of heat. Especially when pushing your PC to the extreme. So CFM fans have become an essential part of a good gaming system. Although they make noise, their ability to move a massive amount of warm air from inside the PC case is highly cherished among gamers.

These excessive airflow fans flow a whole lot of air and that they do a fantastic task in cooling your valuable hardware in the case. High airflow fans aren’t the quietest ones due to their better RPM, they have a tendency to make greater noise as compared to the quiet case fans which have especially decrease airflow, decrease fan pace or RPM. There are also static strain fans that generate excessive static strain and are used on radiators, heat sinks or in limited environments only high static strain fans may also or won’t generate excessive airflow, or even in the event that they do then airflow is targeted with extra pressure in order that air can penetrate within the small areas and areas that get warm quickly hence effectively cools it down. Having said all of that, let’s get started in our list of the top 5 CFM fans that should be on your radar right now.

1. Cool Master JetFlo120 PWM fan

Style and Performance

  • High quality product
  • Moves a lot of air
  • Affordable
  • Smart jam Protection
  • Makes noticeably loud noise

928 Reviews

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm | Fan Speed: 800-2000 RPM | Airflow: 95 CFM | Noise: upto 36 dBA max

As the name of the company suggests they are masters of creating cooling accessories for the PC system. They have always tried to improve your gaming experience and hence they have come up with an excellent high CFM fan to cool down your PC. Cooler Master is one of the biggest names in the cooling equipment and hardware game. It comes as no surprise when it comes to our number one pick; we go with Cooler Master on this one.

Cooler Master JetFlo120 is an excessive CFM and excessive static strain fan. It comes with Cooler Master’s Proprietary POM (Polyoxymethylene) bearing having self-lubricating and dust-proof layout. The fan showcases a fashionable layout and has various versions of LED available. It comes in the LED options of red, white, blue, and a non-LED version available in black. This product has a PWM fan that can reach speeds between 800 to 2000 RPM and it is able to generate an airflow of 95 CFM and static strain of 2.72 mm H2O. The fan gets louder as RPM is increased; at its highest RPM, it can generate noise up to 36 dBA.

This product has absorption rubber pads on all 4 corners for minimizing vibration and noise. Two silent mode adapters are protected with this fan for that restricts most fans pace to 1200 RPM and 1600 RPM for silent operation. The Smart Jam Protection function stops the fan from spinning on while there’s any obstruction in the path of blades, and when cleared up the fan resumes operation automatically. This is a welcome protection function to help you save cables, wires, or whatever obstructing the blades from harm. Due to its excessive airflow and static strain, the fan may be used with a heatsink, radiators, and inside the PC case as well. To top it all off this is one of the more affordable and well-priced fans out there as well.

Although it generates a lot of noise at higher speed still it is one of the best high CFM fans and can effectively cool down your PC. Great and efficient cooling along with some extra useful features such as the smart jam function further adds to this fan’s prowess. This is one of the most favorite products when it comes to PC fans for all sorts of builds. The added ability to choose between different LED options or a non LED variant further solidifies its position as our top pick.

2. Noctua NF-F12 Industrial PPC-2000 PWM fan

Premium Choice

  • High performance
  • Relatively quieter
  • Dust and water proof
  • Really efficient
  • Expensive

552 Reviews

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm | Fan Speed: 2000RPM | Airflow: 121,8 m³/h | Noise: 29.7 dBA

Noctua has one of the best lines of high CFM fans. They have introduced 8 new industrial PPC fans. This fan however can be used in every situation is best in the product line. Noctua has always been the ones to bring new high-quality products in the market and this time they have done just that with there Noctua NF-F12 Industrial PPC-2000 PWM fan.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that the company has left behind its signature color to bring you a black and brown color combination which looks even better in your PC case. This unique style of the fan makes it a decent choice for builds without any RGB or builds where you predominantly employ a dark or stealthy color scheme.

This Amazing Noctua fan is an excellent overall performance industrial-grade fan and packs greater features. Noctua NF-F12 industrialPPC-2000 PWM is a heavy-responsibility fan and may be utilized in hard situations wherein superior cooling is required. The fan comes with Noctua’s SSO2 bearing that has an extended lifespan, is quieter, and gives a great deal higher overall performance than different bearings. This fan generates a large quantity of static strain at 3.94 mmH2O and airflow of 71.68 CFM. This is an amazing excessive static strain fan that can be used as a case fan for both exhaust and consumption as it pushes large amounts of air. The pace of fan degrees among 450 to 2000 RPM and is fairly quieter at 29.7 dBA.Noctua-NF-F12-industrialPPC-2000-PWM-FanThe fan is strongly constructed with Fibre-glass strengthened polyamide fabric and is IP52 licensed making it both dust and waterproof. All the 4 corners of this fan come ready with Anti-vibration rubber pads for minimizing noise and vibrations. The fan may be utilized in servers for round the clock operation.

As far as pricing goes, this is probably the main area of concern with this product. It is one of the pricier fans on our list but doesn’t let that distract you from the fact that this is one of the best ones as well. This is recommended by me for advanced overall performance. Noctua has a very good reputation in the market for making performance-oriented products and this fan is no exception.

3. Corsair ML120 PRO Premium

Magnetic Levitation

  • Excellent performance in term of cooling
  • Magnetic levitation bearing
  • Long lifespan
  • Relatively expensive
  • Noisy at higher RPM

2,364 Reviews

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm | Fan Speed: 1500 RPM | Airflow: 47.3 CFM | Noise: 25 dBA

Corsair needs no introduction as they have been dominating the market for gaming accessories and hardware. They have an excellent range of PC cases, RGB fans, mouse, keyboards, RAM, etc. Among the game community, many of there products such as RAM and RBG keyboards are considered among the best out there so it comes as no surprise that they have found a niche in the high CFM fans market. They have introduced a new Magnetic bearing to reduce friction and increase fan speeds.

This is a top-notch highly equipped incredible performance fan from Corsair and it may be visible through their excellent AIO liquid cooling Radiators. Corsair ML120 PRO makes use of a Magnetic Bearing that is the first of its type and its outcomes in better overall performance and longer lifespan. The fan is PWM managed and has the most pace of 2000 RPM. It is loud at complete pace and has a noise degree score of 37 dBA at complete RPM but this can be overlooked as almost every high RPM fans have a tendency to be extremely loud at higher speeds.

The overall performance of this fan is outstanding as it’s able to produce excessive airflow up to75 CFM and excessive static pressure up to 4.2mm H2O. It has additional anti-vibration rubber dampers that may be replaced without difficulty. The fan may be used as a case fan in both open and closed spaces, and on heatsinks and radiators. Some people might find the price to be a little expensive; however, you could save yourself your hard-earned money if you invest in a dual packed package. So, in case you don’t mind loud noise at higher speed and need a dependable and excessive-overall performance twin capability fan you then definitely won’t discover something higher than this.

They also have a 140mm version of a fan having an airflow of 97 CFM. This is made available for PC’s that are used very aggressively. Although this may noisy in some instances but given the full picture, I would definitely recommend you take a look into it. State of the art technology with new and innovative ideas is why Corsair continues to enjoy great success in any market they target.

4. Cougar Vortex PWM fan

Budget Choice

  • Affordable
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Color scheme doesn't always work with most setups
  • Difficulty in installation
  • Need screws when mounting

404 Reviews

Dimensions: 120mm | Fan Speed: 800-1500 or 600-1200 | Airflow: 70.5 CFM max | Noise: 17.9/19.2 dBA

You might not have heard about Cougar as they have highly underrated by most although their products are definitely high quality and high performance and have the ability to compete with most of high-end accessories brands. However, the company is receiving a lot of appreciation from gamers for their High CFM fans that are relatively very quiet in comparison with other high CFM fans.

COUGAR Vortex PWM Fan 120mm.This is defiantly one of the most silent 120mm fans among 70 CFM airflow fans list. The fan comes with Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing (HDB) and generates airflow of 70.5 CFM, and an amazing quantity of static strain at 2.2 mm-H2O. It comes with a 4-pin PWM connector and spins at speeds between 800 to 1500 RPM. The fan could be very quiet and has the most noise degree of 17.8dBA only.COUGAR-Vortex-PWM-Fan-120mm has a patented body design diversion groove blades for vortex fashioned airflow. It comes ready with anti-vibration pads at the corners to soak up vibrations, which enables it in maintaining noise to minimal levels. Due to its aerodynamic layout, the fan can provide fantastic cooling overall performance in each confined and unrestricted environment, and it could be used as a case fan or on heatsinks & radiators.

It is available in black or orange color, and a 140mm variation of this fan is likewise to be had that still can provide the identical quantity of airflow at 70.5CFM. The choice of color is weird but acceptable as well as Cougar is a brand which employs the color orange in its branding. This allows users to have access to a fully different color zone and this can be seen as a plus or a minus point.

If you work in a quiet environment where little noise might distract you from your work and looking for a high CFM fan that makes the least amount of noise then this might be the perfect product for you. It’s loaded with features and has the ability to direct large amounts of air. It definitely serves as a high CFM without the noise that these fans make. In addition to this Cougar also delivers value at this price point. It is cheaper than most of the other High CFM fans out there with the same specifications. I would recommend it to people looking for a quieter and more affordable option.

5. NoctuaNF P-12redux-1700 PWM fan

Quality Performance

  • Affordable
  • Great fan speeds for the price tag
  • Comparatively Noisy
  • Colour scheme may not appeal to everyone
  • No vibration damping corner pads

3,740 Reviews

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm | Fan Speed: 1700 RPM | Airflow: 120,2 m³/h | Noise: 25.1 dBA

We all have been big fans of Noctua products. However, fans have been criticizing the company for being relatively expensive. With their Redux product range, they have changed the way they approached the market the have cut down on all the extra cost while retaining the same performance. Redux series offers a more streamlined version of the older product in new colors. This has made the Noctua product more accessible for consumers that stayed away from the brand because of its prices. So as the name suggests it is a redux version of the very popular Noctua PF-12.

This is one of the great budget fans that you may get for your PC case or heat sinks. This is a very unique hybrid fan that generates each excessive airflow and excessive static stress. This a redux collection fan from Noctua because of this it’s does not come with a hefty price tag and presents nearly identical performance as the alternative high-priced Noctua fans. It is a PWM fan with having a speed of 450 to 1700 RPM. Airflow and Static stress figures for this fan are 70.74 CFM and 2.83 mm H2O respectively.

This fan is not the quietest one on the list as it has the highest noise level of 25 dBA, however, it is also not the loudest fan in this list. It comes with SSO bearing that gives stability, longer lifespan, and quieter operation. It does now no longer include anti-vibration pads out of the package however you may purchase and set them up separately (NA-SAVP1 anti-vibration pads) in case you need extra noise reduction and shock absorption. This fan may be utilized in CPU coolers, water-cooling radiators, or instances with tight fan grills or in the front of HDD cages as the front consumption fan.

If you can compromise on color scheme and design, this fan is then absolutely worth considering. Performance-wise it is the same as most of the high-end flagship fans with a huge reduction in price. For people that want bang for their buck, this is an excellent option and this would be an investment you would never regret.

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