How to Fix “Cannot resize GIF” Error in Discord?

The cannot resize GIF error message on Discord occurs when you are trying to upload a GIF file that does not meet the requirements set by the application. Discord requires the GIF files that you upload to be less than 256 KB in size and preferably be no greater than 128×128 in resolution as well. This holds true for any emoji GIFs that you are uploading.

Cannot Resize GIF Error Message
Cannot Resize GIF Error Message

When the GIF file that you are trying to upload is greater than 256 KB in size, or the resolution of the image does not meet the requirement, the error message in question will appear. In such a scenario, you will have to resize the GIF that you are trying to upload in order to resolve the issue. 

Resize GIFs for Discord

Resizing GIFs is quite easy and straightforward. There are plenty of third-party services that you can use that allow you to resize any media file that you have, including GIFs. We will be using the EZGIF website in this article to show you how to make your GIF meet the requirements for upload by Discord.

The website enables media file optimization without sacrificing the quality or resolution of the original file, thereby reducing file size. This is particularly useful when you prefer not to manually decrease the resolution or file size, as doing so might compromise the quality of the GIF you’re intending to send.

However, the optimize feature may not always do the job for you, especially if the file size is a lot bigger than the required 256 KB. Normally, Discord allows its users to upload files up to 8MB. However, if you are uploading a GIF emoji on a Discord server, the file size cannot exceed 256 KB. 

To resize your GIF for emojis and fix the error message in question, follow the instructions down below:

  1. First, open the EZGIF website on your browser by clicking here.
  2. There, click on the Choose File button and select your GIF.
    Uploading GIF
    Uploading GIF
  3. Click Upload. 
  4. Use the Compression level slider to adjust the amount of compression. This will directly impact the file size of the GIF. If your GIF is large in size, go for a higher compression level.
    Changing Compression Level
    Changing Compression Level
  5. Finally, click the Optimize GIF option.
  6. Make sure the final size of the GIF is lower than 256 KB
  7. After that, click the Save button.
    Downloading Optimized GIF
    Downloading Optimized GIF
  8. See if that resolves the issue.
  9. In case the issue persists, you will have to use the Resize instead to make sure the dimension of the GIF is 128×128
  10. Once you do that, the error message should go away. 

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