Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Game Title Possibly Leaked Ahead of Official Reveal

Bethesda’s highly anticipated Indiana Jones game, developed by MachineGames, may have had its title leaked ahead of the planned unveiling on January 18. 

Twitter user @Kurakasis spotted several domains registered by Lucasfilm on January 9, 2024, suggesting the game could be titled “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.”

The leak gains credibility as Lucasfilm had filed a trademark in Europe two years ago for ‘The Great Circle,’ explicitly listing video games as part of its intended usage. The registered domains, including, further support this potential title.

Originally intended for a PlayStation release, the game is now confirmed as an Xbox and PC exclusive, with a day-one release on Game Pass, following Microsoft‘s acquisition of ZeniMax Media, the parent company of MachineGames.

Bethesda game director Todd Howard, serving as the executive producer, described the game as a unique mash-up, encompassing various elements. The gameplay reveal is scheduled for January 18 during the Xbox Developer Direct, promising over 10 minutes of insights into the game’s setting, story, and how players will embody the iconic character of Indiana Jones.

Despite the leak, there’s still much anticipation surrounding the details of “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” with fans eagerly awaiting the premiere of the first gameplay trailer and additional information about Indy’s next globe-trotting adventure. Stay tuned for more updates as the official reveal approaches.


Abdullah Amin

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