Best Meme Faces and What They Mean

An internet meme is made of a picture and a certain phrase attached to it. People relate themselves to these memes which are mostly fun to read and bring humour to any conversation. These memes are shared on all the social networks and usually become viral very quickly as friends and family tag each other in comments to make the other person read the meme.

Meme Face and the Idea Behind Their Design

There are a number of meme faces which are usually used to make memes more hilarious. These are designed mostly around the real expressions of human beings.To keep a difference in the message that needs to be conveyed, there are different meme faces for each kind of feeling. From the feeling of being sad, happy, angry, irritated and many more.

Famous Example of Meme Faces

There are a few meme faces which are my favourite as the expression and the feeling that these faces deliver is so relatable.

1. Forever Alone Meme Face

Forever Alone Meme Face

This is by far the most relatable meme face for me. This goes perfect for all the people out there who feel like they have no one to speak their heart out to or have a social circle who are too busy in their own lives. Anyone who is single, and feels like this forever alone guy here, can always enjoy memes attached to this picture. You can use this meme when you either feel the same way or know someone who feels the same way and would enjoy a good laugh attached to the feeling.

2. The Poker Face

The Poker Face

Usually used to show your reaction when you have ‘no’ reaction. How do you express the feeling when you have no reaction towards the subject or the topic that is being discussed? A straight face. That is exactly what this meme is about. It is a simple sketch of a face with two dots which show the eyes and a straight line showing your mouth. That is it.  Mostly used when someone feels super weird, awkward or a little out of place in a certain situation.

3. LOL meme Face

LOL Meme Face

LOL is an abbreviation used for ‘laugh out loud’. When you find something super hilarious, you write LOL in your texts. This meme face basically shows how you would express LOL when it is in the form of a picture and not words. It is mostly used by individuals who love to crack jokes, who become the centre of jokes or who make a joke out of every little situation. You can even share it with your friends to make them laugh.

Well, all the memes make you laugh a little harder.

4. Oh Crap’ Meme Face

Oh Crap’ Meme Face

This could be the best one so far. You just look at it and you can feel that ‘oh crap’ feeling. This meme face is often used to show disappointment in a certain situation or it could represent your anger towards a person, or a certain state.  It could be the most relatable to people who are clumsy and make small mistakes or have missed out a certain detail from their work which would make them want to say ‘oh crap’ out loud. An angrier version of the same ‘Oh Crap’ meme is also viral on the same social media forums. The only difference between the two is the red eyes.

5. Rage meme Face

Rage Meme Face

This meme face illustrates the frustration or anger that one feels after going through a certain situation. It can be used to show anger , and it can also be used to show the feeling or disappointment one feels after their plan does not go how it was meant to. For instance, you were working on your laptop all night long, and just when you were about to submit the assignment, the laptop died. Understand that feeling? Here, the Rage Guy would be perfect to express how one feels in that moment.

Make the Memes Count

Meme faces make everything sound and look even funnier. And the phrases attached with a meme face compliment the whole idea, making it relatable to the reader and making them have a good laugh. This is how young adults these days relate things to each other. They share memes that are most relevant to their situation on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other forums, and tag their friends to enjoy it together.


Habiba Rehman

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