Arslan Ash Wins EVO 2023, Becomes the Only Tekken Player to Win 4 EVO Titles

Ash's 4th EVO title caps off his historic Tekken career.

Arslan Ash has once again made history, winning EVO 2023 to become the only player to win four EVO titles in the game’s history. Ash defeated Japan’s AO in the finals, 3-0, to claim the championship.

Arslan Ash wins EVO 2023 USA | EVO

This is how it all went down.

About the Finalists (AO – Arslan)

AO is a veteran of the Tekken scene, having made his debut in 2014. He came up just short of winning EVO in 2015, but has been a consistent top performer ever since. In 2023, he came up second, only to Nobi.

Arslan Ash is the relatively newer player, but he has quickly established himself as one of the best in the world. He won his first EVO in 2019, and has since won two more. He is the defending champion of EVO, and is looking to become the first player to win the tournament for three times.

The Finalists | EVO

This is the last major year for Tekken 7, as the game will be discontinued after EVO 2023. This made the tournament even more important for both players, but AO was no match for Arslan.

The Grand Final!

For this match, both players went with Kunimitsu, their mains. Arslan had previously defeated AO in the Winners Final.

Set 1 (Arslan)

  • Round 1: Arslan
  • Round 2: Arslan
  • Round 3: Arslan

Set 2 (Arslan)

  • Round 1: Arslan
  • Round 2: AO
  • Round 3: Arslan
  • Round 4: Arslan

Set 3 (Arslan)

  • Round 1: AO
  • Round 2: Arslan
  • Round 3: Arslan
  • Round 4: Arslan

With this win, Arslan Ash is now the undisputed king of Tekken. He’s the only player in EVO history to win four titles, and he did it in just five appearances. His only blemish is a third-place finish in 2021, but that’s just a minor setback considering the grand scale of things.

The four-time EVO champion!

With the final Tekken 7 tournament now in the books, Arslan Ash’s legacy is set in stone. He is the best Tekken player in the history of the game, and it’s not even close.


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