How to Fix AirTag Not Working/Connecting to iPhone?

There are various reasons why an AirTag may not be working or connecting with your iPhone, such as your iPhone potentially having a software issue, or the current iOS may contain some bugs. Additionally, there might be a problem with the AirTag itself, so you must address it.

AirTag Not Working/Connecting to iPhone Issue
AirTag Not Working/Connecting to iPhone Issue Fix

Nevertheless, if the AirTag is not working after you have replaced its battery, you need to ensure that the battery does not have a bitterant coating. Bitterant coatings are not compatible with AirTags; therefore, Apple suggests using batteries without bitterant coatings.

AirTag issues can be quickly fixed by using some basic methods. In this article, we have mentioned only those methods that have worked for other iPhone users who faced issues while connecting AirTags to their iPhones.

1. Turn the Bluetooth on/off.

If there are bugs in the Bluetooth connectivity, you will notice the connection dropping whenever you connect your device with the AirTag.

You can try connecting your iPhone to other Bluetooth devices, such as AirPods, and see if the audio quality is excellent or poor. If the audio quality is below par, you need to troubleshoot the Bluetooth problem. Follow the steps mentioned below to solve the issue:

  1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth.
    Bluetooth settings
    Go to the Bluetooth option
  2. Turn the Bluetooth toggle off, then turn it on again.
    Bluetooth settings
    Re-enable the Bluetooth option
  3. Tap on the AirTag device.
    Bluetooth settings
    Tap on the AirTag device
  4. Choose to Forget this Device.
    Forget this Device option
    Tap on Forget this Device
  5. Again, tap on ‘Forget this Device‘ to confirm.
    Bluetooth settings
    Select Forget Device
  6. Next, connect the device again.
  7. Turn the Bluetooth toggle off, and then turn it on. After doing this, check if the AirTag works.

2. Unpair your Bluetooth devices and turn off ‘Find My iPhone’.

If you have paired more than one device at a time, they might conflict with each other, or there might be a compatibility issue between them. This can happen for various reasons, such as if the AirTag you are using has a network issue.

Therefore, you need to solve the issue by unpairing all the devices. After doing so, check if the AirTag works. Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Go to Settings and tap on your account.
     Choose your account.
    Go to your account
  2. Tap on Find My iPhone.
    Find My iPhone options
    Go to Find My iPhone
  3. Next, turn off the toggle for Find My iPhone.
    turn off the toggle
    Turn off the toggle for Find My iPhone
  4. Now go to Bluetooth and unpair all the paired devices.
  5. Go back and turn on Find My iPhone.
  6. After this, go to Bluetooth and connect to the AirTag. Ensure not to connect to any other Bluetooth devices before pairing with the AirTag.
  7. Your AirTag must have been connected to your iPhone until now. Finally, connect other Bluetooth devices to your iPhone.

3. Force-restart your iPhone.

If your iPhone continues to experience glitches when connecting to AirTag, it’s time to force restart your device. A force restart clears the RAM and improves performance by shutting down all programs and removing temporary files.

Moreover, it can also solve network-related issues. Therefore, if your AirTag is not working or connecting to your iPhone due to any connectivity problem, a force restart will help significantly.

To restart your iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd Generation), 6, 7, or 8, follow this method:

  1. Press the side button and hold it until you see the power-off slider on the screen.
    Press the side button and hold it until you see the power-off slider on the screen
    Press and hold the side button til you see the power-off slider
  2. Drag the slider to switch off your device.
  3. After this, wait for 30 seconds, then press the side button again, and hold it to turn your device on. Do not release it until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

To force restart your iPhone X or a later version, follow this method:

  1. Press the volume down button and the side button, and hold them until you see the power-off slider on your screen.
    Press the volume down button and the side button and hold them till you see the power-off slider on your screen
    Press and hold the volume down button and the side button 
  2. Drag the slider, which will turn off your device.
  3. Lastly, press the side button and hold it to turn your iPhone on. Release the side button when you see the Apple logo on your screen.

4. Update your iPhone to the latest version.

Many users reported that updating their iPhones to the latest iOS version fixed their issues. So, if your iOS is outdated, try updating your iPhone and check to see if it resolves your problem.

Here’s how you can update your iPhone to the latest iOS:

  1. Create a backup of your device to make sure that all your data is safe.
  2. Connect your device to the charger.
  3. After this, connect it to the WiFi.
  4. Next, go to Settings and tap on General.
    Choose General
    Select General
  5. Tap on the software update.
    Software Update
    Tap on Software Update
  6. Now select the latest software update.
  7. Now, tap on Install Now.
    Choosing the Install Now option
    Tap on the Install Now option
  8. Next, enter the passCODE that you use to unlock your device. You may find an option to download the software and install it afterward. When you see any such pop-up notification, tap on “Download.” Lastly, tap on “Install Now.

After updating your iPhone, try connecting to the AirTag. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved by then.

5. Reset your AirTag.

If you have tried all the methods, but the issue persists, there might be a problem with your AirTag device. Due to this reason, it is not connecting to the iPhone and not working properly. Moreover, there could be some software issues within the AirTag device. To fix this issue, you need to reset it.

Furthermore, if the AirTag has been used by another user and they are out of the AirTag’s Bluetooth range, you need to reset it before using it with your device. Here’s how to reset your AirTag:

  1. First, remove the cover by pressing down on the polished stainless steel battery cover of your AirTag. After this, rotate it counterclockwise and stop when the cover stops rotating.
  2. After removing the cover, remove the battery and replace it.
  3. Next, press down on the battery until you hear a sound, which means that the battery is connected.
  4. After the sound finishes, you need to remove and replace the battery four times until you hear the sound each time you press the battery. Also, when you press the battery for the fifth time, the sound will be different from the previous one, indicating that the device is ready to pair.
  5. Then, replace the cover, press down, and rotate it clockwise until it stops rotating.

All the methods mentioned in the article are tried and tested. However, if none of the methods work for you, then you need to contact Apple Support, tell them about your issue, and ask for a possible solution. Also, if your devices are under warranty, you can request replacements.


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