30 Best Friend Memes You Will Totally Relate to

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Ever heard of the saying a meme a day keeps the doctor away, no? It’s probably because it’s made up. A meme may save you a depression trip to the counsellor though. This is because they are a great way to unwind. They will light even the darkest of days with their humour.

Memes have managed to become an important part of our daily lives mainly because they make what would normally be a mundane affair become so much fun. They throw shade at our daily troubles thus making life more livable.

But most importantly, they are a great way to connect with those we love. In this post, we highlight 30 memes that brilliantly capture your relationship with your BFF and make you proud that you have them in your life. You can use them to show your best friend that they are appreciated and remind them that your life would be miserable without them.

1. I thought it was us against the world

I have been replaced

This meme highlights the struggle you undergo when your best friend starts dating.  Suddenly you are competing for their attention and some of the things you used to do together, they now do with their partner. It can really be hurtful.

2. I am going to kill you

You are dead to me

Sometimes they will do this intentionally but other times it’s just because they are so used to you they can never tell apart your good side from your bad side. It’s purely innocent.

3. Shut your mouth big fool

Please shut up

Best friends relish the chance to humiliate you. Given the chance, they will tell on every embarrassing moment you have had and you have to kick them on the foot to make them stop.

4. Day Made

Serves you right

You would think your friend will comfort you but no. They are always the first to laugh at you and make you feel worse than you already do.

5. Whats that am seeing

Don’t come too close

You are always suspicious of any new friends your BFF make. We can’t really have more than one best friend. Anything more than two and that’s a squad.

6. I told you so

Enough with that ex

The ex is always a sore spot in any best friends’ relationship. They will always hurt your friend and what’s worse you always see it coming and warn the friend only for them to ignore you.

7. This is mine and mine alone

Go get yours

This meme is for your foodie friend who can never share their favourite food with you. They will pretend to consider it for a moment before gobbling it down while laughing the whole time.

8. When they are your world

Where are you partner in crime

You have become so attached to them that whenever they are missing you just feel so alone. Nobody else can fill their shoes.

9. Never doubt yourself

Don’t doubt yourself

When your best friend is having misgivings about their worth, this meme is a great way to remind them that they are nothing short of excellent.

10. Are you feeling okay

What’s wrong buddy

When you are best friends, the normal rules of social interaction don’t conform to you. Cursing ceases to be a bother and you become so used to their insolence that it surprises you when they address you formally.

11. I have been waiting a long time to hear that

What’s up fam

Being accepted by your best friend’s family is the ultimate high in a best friend relationship. It is a sort of official acknowledgement to the world that the two of you are best friends.

12. Let’s be happy together

You are all I need

Sometimes as friends, you will laugh at the most absurd things that someone else would not consider funny.

13. I got your back buddy

Don’t hurt my BFF

You can never take it lying down when someone messes with your best friend.

14. No, you are

Bad influence

Best friends will push you to do the craziest things and the bad news is that you can never say no to them.

15. You mean you want someone else other than me?

Not yet buddy

You believe your relationship is so complete you just can’t understand why they would be considering to get married.

16. They are so easy to talk to

Brace yourself

It always feels so good telling them your problems that you just want to tell them your whole life story.

17. Best day ever

Phones day

With your best friend, you don’t really need to talk much to have a great time. You can be on the phone only taking a pause to laugh at a funny meme you saw or troll a funny looking character in your feeds.

18. Nothing can push us apart buddy

We are still strong

Not even distance or time can break what you had. When you finally meet again it’s like you were never apart.

19. Diet for who?

Fit enough

You will set goals together while being all serious and agreeable about it only to break them later. And the worst thing is you will not be sorry about it.

20. Thats my 10/10

Simply perfect

You cannot think of even one bad word that you could use to describe your bestie. They are simply awesome. Why else are they your best friend?

21. It’s only been a minute

So soon

When you are with your BFF time seems to fly. Before you know it, it’s time to leave and none of you wants to say goodbye.

22. No way am staying mad at you

Only you understands me

You will argue with your best friend but the feud never lasts. Soon you will be itching to talk to each other again.

23. That’s Our JAM

Lets get crazy

When you have a BFF you have the same taste in everything including music. And there is always that one song that you can’t help but dance and sing along to.

24. I am not in the mood today

Why so serious

It’s never a dull day with your best friend. No matter what you are going through they will still manage to make you smile.

25. Look what we have

Spying on your ex

This is especially true if your best friend is better looking than the new catch. It will make for a good laugh for the two of you back at home.

26. I was betrayed

You have been doing the same crazy things but for some reasons, you are now alone. You could tell them that they will burn in hell but, wait a minute, you are already there.

27. What would i do without you

You complement me

Sometimes you come up with fabricated stories to try and impress people and your best friend will back you up so naturally that the story becomes credible.

28. Leave it to me

I have answers you seek

All you need to give your friend all the information they need on a particular person is the first name. This person is usually someone they are interested in.

29. You bring out the worst in me

Bad influence

Sometimes you just want to be a good guy but your BFF will have none of that.

30. What did i do

It’s my fault you are like this

When starting out your BFF relationship it’s all calm but then you get used to each other and your friend unleashes their real self. But they are not really your best friend if they have to be fake around you. Right?


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