First Look of Xbox’s Upcoming Starfield Console Covers Showcased at Gamescom

Microsoft has released a line of Xbox Series X console skins as a more cost-effective alternative to buying a special edition console. Starting on October 18th for $49.99, Starfield will be one of the first features on the Xbox console covers.

The new Starfield Xbox covers made their debut at Gamescom 2023, and a recent tweet from @XboxStudio gave fans a sneak peek. The tweet suggests that the covers are of higher quality than most would expect for the asking price.

The Xbox Series X wrap isn’t a sticker, so it can be folded around and off your console without difficulty. Microfiber covers the exterior, which Microsoft describes as having a “soft smooth white high-tech feel” and being secured “with a hook and loop inclosure.” These wraps don’t appear to be made of vinyl like some others on the market, and their thickness makes them not adhere to the console quite as smoothly as a sticker would.

Custom cover for Starfield | Microsoft

This is the first time Microsoft has given custom covers for an Xbox console, after the company’s decision to allow Xbox customers to remove the front plate and customise their machines. These new covers mean that you no longer need to buy a limited edition console to receive an official personalised look, despite Microsoft’s current emphasis on custom-designed Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X consoles.

Microsoft’s answer to the PS5’s detachable side panels is these covers. Sony is not only selling a Spider-Man-themed PS5 but also custom coverings for their current-gen console.


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