Xbox Set to Reveal 2 Special Games in its Showcase, Leaker Claims

On June 11 at 10 a.m. PT, Xbox will hold its annual Xbox Showcase event. Those curious about Xbox’s future should tune in, however it’s likely that some of the big announcements could be leaked in advance.

Even if E3 2023 has been called off, there are still a number of events happening in the coming months that are very similar to E3. The May 24 PlayStation showcase, the June 11 Xbox showcase, and the June 12 Ubisoft Forward event are all confirmed. There will be additional activities throughout Summer Game Fest, so attendees may anticipate even more noteworthy developments in the near future.

Xbox appears to be following in the footsteps of PlayStation, at least according to a leak from a reliable source on Twitter. The PlayStation showcase recently featured several impressive games that caught many people by surprise.

Translated Tweet:

The news of the event never ceases to amaze me! I am receiving information that is going to leave everyone with their mouths open… It is that if I say it, it will leave them with their jaws on the ground. Two unexpected games are on the way and they are going to be absolutely amazing. I can only tell you, prepare to be speechless because information is coming to me that….

Tweet Translated to English by Google Translate

In the tweet, @eXtas1stv expresses his anticipation for the next showcase games. He claims that two of these games will be truly remarkable and leave people begging to get their hands on them.

A few days earlier, another leaker claimed credit for leaking the showcase’s game lineup. They raise a lot of red flags but still managed to get people enthusiastic.

First, Starfield is holding its own event after the Xbox Showcase concludes; second, the misspelt and purportedly time-limited exclusive Hollow Knight Silksong; and third, the cancelled Scalebound is purportedly a shadow drop. Note that this is highly questionable and might not even be true.

Questionable Leaks

You may have seen various leaked listings of PlayStation and Xbox Showcases over the weekend (some examples are included below) if you spend any time at all on social media. It’s understandable why some people might assume things are real, but you shouldn’t fall for it. It’s highly likely that these lists have been fabricated to attract attention and gain influence.

Fake Leak by Someone on Twitter | Twitter

Take any leaked listings you find online with a grain of salt, as they may not be reliable. Companies like PlayStation and Xbox aren’t going to put up lists outlining every significant announcement and secret from its showcases beforehand, and then have those lists leaked by any random stranger who happens to stumble upon them or has an uncle in the industry. No one knows for sure if these lists are legitimate, and we’re willing to be wrong if proven so, but the showcases will soon reveal the truth.


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