Microsoft Rewards App Offers a Glimpse of Ubisoft+ on Xbox Game Pass

Moments ago, Xbox users around the globe have started noticing a strange thing. The Microsoft Rewards app on their Xbox displayed an unexpected Ubisoft+ icon, that read “Discover Ubisoft +

Although clicking on it led to an error page, this finding has led to discussions about the possibilities of Ubisoft+ joining forces with Xbox Game Pass and even rumors about Microsoft potentially acquiring Ubisoft.

As of now, neither Microsoft nor Ubisoft have made any official announcements regarding the integration of Ubisoft+ with Xbox Game Pass, leaving everyone to speculate about the possibilities.

The potential integration of Ubisoft+ on Xbox Game Pass could mean great things for the future. Ubisoft+ will be helpful in granting Xbox users access to a library of Ubisoft games. If integrated with Xbox Game Pass, subscribers would have access to an even more extensive library of games for their Xbox consoles.

While this integration may not seem intriguing to some, it could be a game-changer for many. The combination of Ubisoft’s vast library of games with the ever-growing collection offered by Xbox Game Pass would create an amazing gaming experience and would help Microsoft push their motive of pursuing a subscription-based model too, which will undoubtedly benefit them against competition in the long run.

As with any rumor, there’s always the potential for exaggeration. Some users have taken the Ubisoft+ appearance as a sign that Microsoft may be looking to acquire Ubisoft. Though this idea may seem far-fetched, it’s not entirely out of question.

Microsoft has shown a penchant for acquiring game studios in recent years, with acquisitions like Bethesda and Activision. However, it’s essential to take such rumors with a grain of salt, as there has been no official word from either company regarding any potential acquisition.

What’s interesting though, is this tweet from Jezz (check the date on this):

While this is all we know for now, rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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