Xbox and People Can Fly Partnership for Project Maverik Revealed through Job Posting

A new job listing has hinted at an upcoming collaboration between Xbox and People Can Fly, a well-known game developer with a track record of producing titles for the Xbox platform.

People Can Fly has been involved in creating or co-developing several notable titles, including Gears of War: Judgment, Bulletstorm, and their most recent release, Outriders, which joined the Xbox Game Pass service upon its launch in 2021. The developer’s familiarity with the Xbox ecosystem adds intrigue to their new project, known as Project Maverick.

While job listings are not typically a source of industry secrets, the job posting for a Lead UI Programmer for ‘Project Maverick’ has garnered the attention of the fans. The listing mentions, 

In this role, you will elevate the profile of the UI Engineering Discipline consistently across both projects and the wider PCF group by ensuring optimal staffing, predictable development, maximizing growth within the team, and keeping the bar high.”

What has sparked curiosity is the reference to “both projects.” Does this hint at a second Xbox game in development, or could it be an entirely new endeavor? People Can Fly’s strategic update in February 2023 sheds some light on their busy schedule. The update disclosed, 

We plan to release three of them – Project Dagger, Project Bifrost, and Project Victoria – in the self-publishing model, with launches planned for 2025–2026. And the launch of Project Gemini, which we are developing with our long-time publisher, Square Enix, is planned for 2026.”

Only time will reveal what the future holds for Xbox and People Can Fly. We will keep you posted upon receiving any further information about this. Until then, let us know your thoughts about this news in the comments section below.


Abdullah Amin

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