Xbox’s November Update Adds Discord and Streamlabs Integration

The Xbox November update, which includes many improvements, is currently being rolled out by Microsoft. As of right now, Xbox One and Series X/S owners have direct access to Discord voice channels from their console.

To access Discord on Xbox, sign onto your account and then navigate to the Parties & conversations tab. You’ll see the list of accessible servers and can select a group chat to communicate in. Before joining a server or voice channel, you can see which of your friends are already there.

Sony’s investment in Discord doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft integrated voice chat on Xbox first.The PlayStation network will supposedly have improved Discord integration in the coming year.

Furthermore, Lightstream and Streamlabs will now allow you to broadcast gameplay from your Xbox directly, coupled up with the already-present Twitch connectivity. For all those streamers out there, well, this is good news as now an external system won’t be required to showcase all those stream elements. You can do that directly from you console now.

Also, Microsoft has updated the Power Options section to include additional information about the Shutdown and Sleep modes.There are even more advanced options for when the console should power down.

Interestingly, Xbox systems now have a new Captures app.It has the same user interface as the original built-in experience, but now Microsoft may make changes to it without releasing a major OS upgrade.

Image: Microsoft

The new Recommendations tab in the Settings app makes it simpler for users to make the most of their TV and audio setup. Microsoft said today that it has enabled controller rumble for Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC, Mac, and Samsung Smart TVs, in addition to the new functionality that is being released on Xbox consoles.

With these new updates, many features have been revamped and the Discord integration in particular with be somewhat of a game changer, however it will surely take some time to see how users react to it. Till then, let us know what you think about the newest additions in the comments below.



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