Xbox Hints Fable 4 Announcement at Showcase on Twitter

As the Xbox Showcase approaches, excitement grows stronger than ever, and people are anticipating the event while guessing what will happen. Many leaks were posted online and later revealed to be fake, which only added to the hype.

Xbox has finally begun to post some implicit guesses on its official channels. Attached is a video that was posted on Twitter and appears to be the Fable theme song. Fable 4 is expected to be showcased by Xbox at this event and this video serves as a hint towards Fable.

The song is based on the original track “Bowerstone” from previous Fable games. A glitter trail can also be seen in the video, which is another hint to the game. To complete a quest in Fable, you must follow a glitter trail, which is exactly what is shown in the video. You can have a look at the original track down below

A few users also pointed out that the trail is the same color as the fairy in Fable, which is yet another hint to the game. This short video may appear to be haphazard, but connecting its points appears to have been well planned and executed.

Hints Towards Fable Might be True

The hints only added to the excitement because they came from the official Xbox account and thus are official. While the game was not explicitly mentioned, these hints towards Fable are sufficient for a layperson to guess precisely what is depicted in the video.

Xbox also included a description of the video titled “Xbox Showcase followed by Starfield Direct” in the same video tweet. This excludes all rumors claiming that Starfield will hold another event on a different date. Though Starfield will have a longer runtime, it is not, as far as we know, another event.

Last week, PlayStation held it’s Showcase where it revealed some amazing games, including Spiderman 2, Alan Wake II, Helldivers 2 etc. This set the benchmark for the upcoming Xbox showcase and fans are expecting something more interesting and unique from Microsoft’s side.

Due to the rising hype, many leaks are floating around the internet with a list of games that are set to be announced on the internet; we have covered those leaks and would like you to know that none of them are real, so don’t put too much faith in them. Only official hints from Xbox will give us an idea of the event and potential games.

The official Xbox Showcase is going to be held on June 11 and we’ll make sure to keep you updated of any games that are announced.


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