Xbox Gamepass Bug Gives you 3 Free Ultimate Months at The Price of One

One of the most famous subscriptions among PC and Xbox gamers has been Xbox Game Pass for a while now. Microsoft has wasted no opportunity to promote the game, and the recent Activision arrangement has brought it even more attention and new customers.

The Microsoft Game Pass can also be redeemed as a perk received in-store for Microsoft Points. This entitles customers to a free month of Xbox Gamepass Ultimate, granting them access to over 400 games. Recently, a user used these points to buy the game pass, but due to a bug, he got three months of the ultimate game pass instead of one.

The user shared the bug with others on the forum (NeoGaf) by uploading a screenshot of the deal and explaining how to take advantage of it. The price for three months is over three times that of one month, which is shocking. Microsoft would have lost a lot of money if nobody had reported this bug.

Microsoft Reward Offer | NeoGaf

In just two years (2020-2022), Xbox garnered nearly 10 million Game Pass subscribers, and ever since then, Game Pass has been an integral element of Xbox and its games.

Users would prefer to pay a small monthly fee in exchange for access to 400 games, both new and old, than shell out hundreds of dollars all at once.

The offer has been taken down from the USA region, and the forum reports that the bug is no longer active in any location. It’s unclear whether the removal was deliberate or the server just couldn’t manage the traffic. If an official announcement is made, we will let you know.

Source: NeoGaf Forums


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