Microsoft Cracks Down On Unofficial Xbox Accessories

Over the past few days, Xbox users have started to report an error called 0x82D6002 which basically warns gamers about plugging in unofficial accessories to their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Now, for the most part, the new security update is targeted towards people who try to gain an unfair advantage over other console players but it can be concerning for a lot of other people as well who rely on either third-party gaming controllers or love to use different styled retro inputs when gaming.

Microsoft explains the error by saying that “the accessories you are trying to connect were not manufactured by Xbox or don’t meet our standards.” However, you still have 2 weeks to find a replacement for whatever device you are currently using as after this short period your device will just be a paperweight.

Which Third-Party Devices Are Getting Banned?

The Xbox crackdown isn’t just smashing everything that comes its way, instead, Microsft does have a plan here. For people with third-party accessories, the key to making sure your device is safe is to look for the “Designed For Xbox” emblem.

Designed for Xbox Partner Hardware Program

This green sticker is how Microsoft makes sure that nothing funky is going on under the hood as they thoroughly test the device and if everything goes well then it’s good for Xbox. This might seem like a good thing and it very much is but there are a few companies out there that make third-party devices that don’t aim to ruin the average console gaming experience; one of them is Brooks Gaming.

As you can see above, Brooks Gaming was one of the first companies to report that some of their devices weren’t working on a lot of Xbox consoles. The company focuses on making fighting boards that bring out the arcade fighting style to your games and while the devices don’t promote cheating in any way at all they still aren’t officially licensed by Microsoft.

Say Goodbye to Cronus or Xim Accessories

Microsoft aims to stop cheaters and exploiters from entering their platform and third-party tools like Cronus or Xim accessories are likely to fall in that category. These accessories allow gamers particularly FPS gamers to trick their consoles into thinking their keyboard and mouse are an Xbox controller. This gives them an advantage over others using a controller.

Although there is no official statement about this from Microsoft, Xbox players are suggested to stick with either their original Xbox controllers or use officially licensed products from big companies like Razer, HyperX, ASUS ROG, etc.

Can Microsoft Cause a Real Stride With This Crackdown?

Microsoft is definitely planning to make the console side of gaming a lot safer but still, there are a few nicks here and there that need tweaking especially supporting good companies that fall in the grey area to overcome the hurdles of getting that green badge. But still, we can’t be sure about this just yet and if you don’t want to play with Microsoft’s rules on their consoles then there’s pretty much nothing you can do now.


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