FIX: Windows 8 Activation error code 0xc004f074

With the announcement of Windows 8, a majority of Windows 7 users started replacing their OS with the latest one. Microsoft also took a step ahead as they restricted the users from duplicating other’s keys and inserting in the activation box for activation purposes.

A number of people have referenced an error message while activating their windows 8 after the installation process i.e. activation error 0xC004F074.

This is a hex code that is specific to Windows 8 activation. Windows has a key management service (KMS) inside in order to activate the Windows with the product key created specifically for a particular copy of Windows. This error occurs when KMS cannot be contacted.

So, in order to get rid of this annoying error message, you can try the following methods.

All of the methods described below are properly tested and you won’t lose anything if something goes wrong. You should use these methods sequentially if the first one doesn’t work.


Method # 1:

The first method is the most trusted one and it involves entering the product key using the command prompt.

1) Open command prompt (cmd) with administrative rights. If you can’t find command prompt, right click on the start menu icon located at the bottom left side of the Windows 8 and select command prompt (Admin). It will pop-up a black screen.

open command prompt

2) Type the following line of code inside command prompt slmgr.vbs –ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx and replace the x with the product key provided with your own copy of Windows. The product key is always 25 digits long. Hit enter after typing the code.

3) After typing the above line of code and hitting enter key, type the following code slmgr.vbs –ato and hit enter key again. This code will change the product key of the Windows. Now, you will see an activated version of your Windows 8.

Method # 2:

If the above method doesn’t work due to some reason, try the following method to enter the product key inside a GUI based text field.

1) Go to Start (right click) > Run and type Slui 3 (there is a space between Slui and 3). You can also use the shortcut keys Win + R to open the Run window. Hit enter after typing.

2) It will pop-up a new windows with a text field in order to change the product key. Type the 25 digit product key and Windows will automatically validate the key and activate the Windows 8 for you.


Method # 3:

If any of the above mentioned methods doesn’t work, you can try this method which is a built-in support inside Windows 8.

1) Open the Run Command again by going to Start (right click) > Run and now, type Slui 4 (there is a space between Slui and 4). It will open a call and provide your Installation ID window.

2) Select your Country or Region from the dropdown and click on the Next button. It will display a window like this.

error 0xc004f074

3) You would see an Installation ID at the bottom of the screen. Once you will initialize the call, the call center will provide you a Confirmation ID which you can enter in the specified field and your windows will be activated.

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FIX: Windows 8 Activation error code 0xc004f074

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