Wi-Fi 7 Won’t Be Supported by Windows 10, Insider Claims

The seventh generation of wireless networking, Wi-Fi 7 is the latest to require the current version of the Windows operating system to function properly.

The next-generation Wi-Fi 7 connectivity option is expected to arrive on laptops and desktops later this year, according to documentation supplied by Intel (via chi11eddog). Wi-Fi 7 will be available in Intel’s Gale Peak 2 BE200” discrete solution, among other networking controllers and solutions. The Killer 1750X controller and Bluetooth 5.4 support are just two of the features of this solution.


The document describes Wi-FI 7 GaP2 and MtP2, which can offer TCP TPT speeds of 5 Gbps (320M/MSC13) and TCP TT rates of 3 Gbps (160M/MSC13). Wi-Fi 7 solutions will use a newer, more efficient process technology to provide an active power architecture with significantly less consumption. But the OS compatibility is the most crucial factor.

Since only Windows 11 and the most recent versions of Linux/Chrome OS are specifically specified, customers running Windows 10 will be unable to take advantage of Wi-Fi 7 until they switch to Windows 11. This means that many people using Windows 10 will be unable to take advantage of improvements made to wireless networking.

The upcoming “Core Ultra” platform will feature cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 technology. New laptops and mobility solutions based on the 1st Gen Core Ultra CPUs, codenamed Meteor Lake, will also feature Wi-Fi 7 capabilities when they are released later this fall. Alongside this, we’ve seen motherboard manufacturers unveil brand-new Z790 products that incorporate the Wi-Fi 7 technology e.g. Asus.

Although Intel and Microsoft will be working together to promote Windows 11 on Intel’s latest processors, migrating to a new platform is a time-consuming process that isn’t made any easier by Microsoft. Upgrading from a prior version of Windows still presents significant challenges for users, and in most cases, a valid licence for the previous operating system will not ensure you access to the latest version of Windows. It’s unfortunate that the vast majority of consumers will be ignored when software and hardware makers shift their attention to more modern platforms.

Source: chi11eddog


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