What is: sppextcomobj.exe

sppextcomobj.exe is a legitimate Windows file developed by Microsoft. It is a part of the Windows Operating System. sppextcomobj.exe is used for Key Management Service (KMS) Licensing for Microsoft Products and installed with Windows File Protection (WFP) enabled. That’s why sppextcomobj.exe is run as a standard windows process and has Network Service privileges. You will usually find this file with the name KMS Connection Broker in task manager. The typical file path for this is C:\Windows\System32\sppextcomobj.exe.

If you are one of those users who keep a very close eye on the services running on their Windows then you might have seen sppextcomobj.exe or KMS Connection Broker in the task manager. You will see this executable file continuously running the background. A lot of users are concerned about this service/file running in the background since it seems a bit suspicious and there isn’t a lot of information about this on the internet.

First things first, sppextcomobj.exe isn’t a virus or malware that you have to worry about. This is the first thing that people ask whenever they see an unknown service running in the background. But, if sppextcomobj.exe is taking up a lot of resources and slowing down your whole computer then that might be a bad sign. So, if sppextcomobj.exe isn’t taking up a lot of system resources then you should be good to go.

Why does sppextcomobj.exe keeps running in the background?

If you are wondering why does sppextcomobj.exe or KMS Connection Broker keeps running in the background then the answer is Windows and Windows products. The KMS Connection Broker or sppextcomobj.exe is responsible for the activation of Microsoft products. This includes your very own Windows and various other Microsoft products like Microsoft Office etc. So you shouldn’t be worried if you find this service running in the background.

What if my Antivirus considers sppextcomobj.exe a threat?

If your antivirus application or your Windows Defender is catching the sppextcomobj.exe as a threat to your system then ignore that. As we mentioned earlier, unless sppextcomobj.exe or KMS Connection Broker is taking up a lot of resources, or creating a major issue and error problem, you should be ok. Removing these files will cause serious side effect so it isn’t recommended.

Should I Disable sppextcomobj.exe?

A lot of people are in favor of disabling the KMS Connection Broker or sppextcomobj.exe service all together. Again, this isn’t a good idea to disable this service since it is responsible for the activation of your Microsoft products. You might experience issues with the activation and licensing of your products, especially the Microsoft products, after disabling this service.


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