Wear OS 4 to Feature Several Enhancements in Health Monitoring Abilities

Other information from Google’s I/O developer conferences have disclosed some additional features for the platform, including enhancements to Health Services and Health Connect.

In a session uploaded to the Android Developers YouTube channel, Google’s smartphone and wristwatch operating systems are described as getting some updates this year.

The developer chat titled “What’s new in Health on Android” discusses the integration of Health Connect, which is presently in beta, into Android 14, as first reported by the staff at 9to5Google. Instead than being a standalone app as it is now, it would be a “core part of Android,” according to Google.

This indicates that with Android 14, users should be able to access Health Connect directly from the Settings page. With this service’s main software release this autumn, which has been a significant emphasis for technology businesses over the past few years, new period tracking features will also be included.

Google added that because Health Connect is updated along with Google Play System updates, new features may be added much more quickly. A transition schedule from Google Fit to Health Connect is also provided, with support for the Google Fit Android APIs officially ending in late 2024.

The ability to raise the batching rate of fitness measurements is one of the recently added Health Services capabilities, however it is currently only available for heart rate data.

Last but not least, Wear OS 4 will include new permissions for programmes that use background body sensor access. According to Google, this keeps end users in control of their data and gives developers the information they need to make “valuable experiences” for their audiences without sacrificing battery life.


Muhammad Zuhair

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