Valorant Job Listing Confirms That A Console Version is in Development

A Valorant console version for Xbox or PlayStation may be in the works, according to several recent job postings from Riot Games.

The tactical first-person shooter game Valorant has been successful in making a name for itself by fusing the greatest gameplay and features from previous shooting games. Riot Games never officially published Valorant for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Many console players have given up hope that it will ever do so since there have previously been rumors but no official announcements.

On November 17, a position for a Game Design Manager at Riot Games surfaced on a gaming-specific employment website. The job description states that “creating on several platforms, PC, Mobile, and Console” is a necessity and emphasizes the need of anticipating player desires across all significant platforms.

In addition, a position for a Senior Game Designer for platforms has recently been advertised. These roles are for the Valorant console version, as shown by the job description. According to a brand-new job posting published on November 23, the organization is looking for someone to “help in bringing console gaming titles to market.” Riot plans to make its popular shooting game available on all conceivable platforms. Valorant may be coming to the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, but gamers should hold off until Riot Games makes an official announcement.

Valorant Mobile is still in production, so fans shouldn’t expect a console release any time soon. It’s noteworthy that the platforms for which the game will be built are not mentioned in the job description. The job description specifies all key platforms, so the Nintendo Switch may receive its version, but the Xbox and PlayStation seem the most probable. Despite the mention of prototypes, it seems like Riot is still working from scratch to figure out how to get Valorant to operate on consoles and controllers.


Muhammad Zuhair

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