How to Fix “Unable to start the game” Error on Uplay?

Many times users reported to us that they receive a message, “Uplay game won’t launch on your system”. Due to this reason, users cannot play video games.

Error-Uplay Game Won't Launch
Error-Uplay Game Won’t Launch

So, here are some reasons why Uplay game won’t launch;

  • Corrupt DLL Files: These files are important to run a program or application on windows. When DLL files get corrupt, we can’t run the application. This is usually because of virus or Antivirus suspicion.
  • Insufficient RAM storage: Apps require proper RAM space to run on your computer. When your system performs several tasks at a time, Uplay may not get enough space. You can simply run Uplay as an administrator. It will give more access to RAM to Uplay app.
  • Activation of Antivirus software: Most of the DLL. Files are lost because of the presence of antivirus software in your system. When we install a game in our system such software finds some DLL files as a threat to your system. You can just inactivate the software and resolve this issue.
  • Corrupt Cache Memory: Cache Memory helps in retrieving data more efficiently. But when any app expects changes it acquires cache memory. So, it needs more space that can corrupt the cache memory. Due to this, an application cannot run or stuck on loading. For this, you can clear the cache memory or Re-install the game.
  • Incomplete Downloading: Sometimes, all files do not download properly, while shortcuts of the game appear in the system. Due to this Uplay game won’t launch. To resolve this issue, check the download bar continuously on Uplay interface.
  • Outdated Graphics Drivers: These GPU drivers help your computer to run the games efficiently. Outdated or corrupt Graphics Drivers cease the running of the program. We can update the drivers to resolve this issue.
  • Outdated Uplay Client: The outdated Uplay app won’t launch on your system. Because the outdated versions do not support your system. The updated Client app can be updated from Ubisoft.
  • Inadequate specifications: As we know, every application has its technical requirements. They are usually set by the app developers. When these requirements do not match the criteria, your system won’t launch the app. If any case your system launches it for a while, it will start overlocking the hardware and can lead to hardware damage.

In this article, we will discuss the methods that will help you if Uplay game won’t launch on your screen. Try out the following fixes if you have problems starting Uplay games.

1. Deactivate Antivirus Software

When you activate the Antivirus software, it starts to analyze the app status and internet traffic in the background. This software often finds some files as a bug. So, the Uplay app won’t launch on your system. Moreover, Uplay app is famous to get blocked by antivirus software such as BitDefender. The process of disabling the software is very simple, here are some steps;

  1. Click on Shield Icon from the left side of the taskbar.
  2. Double-tap on Antivirus and press Open
  3. Scroll down and Disable the BitDefender Shield. You can enable it anytime.
    Disable the Antivirus
    Disable the Antivirus
  4. So, select the option, Turn it off permanently or until restarting of system.
  5. Now press OK your system.

2. Run Uplay as an administrator

Always start Uplay in offline mode. Also, remove all the Uplay tasks from the Task Manager. It will give full system access to Uplay only. So,  follow these steps to run Uplay as an administrator.

  1. Search for Task manager from the Start menu.
  2. Open it and go to the details and select all Uplay tasks. Then click the End task
  3. Then, go to My PC and then open C: Drive.
  4. Thus, select Program files x86. Double click on Ubisoft and then select Ubisoft Game Launcher.
  5. So, Right-click on the application “UnisoftGameLauncher” and press Run as an administrator.
    Run Uplay as an Administrator
    Run Uplay as an Administrator
  6. Uplay screen will open. Now go on Settings by clicking on Menu Icon, from the left corner of the screen.
  7. So, enable the option of “Always start Uplay in offline mode”. Save the changes you made. It will launch the Uplay game.
    Offline Mode of Uplay Game
    Offline Mode of Uplay Game

3. Delete version files and install Uplay

We will do this to get a better version of the Uplay App. For this method, you do not have to uninstall the Uplay. Just follow these steps

  1. Go on the Start menu and type Uplay.exe
  2. Right-click on the app and select Open in a file location.
  3. Now delete the version text document.
    Delete the Version file
    Delete the Version file
  4. Then go to the google search bar and type and install the application.
  5. So, Click on Download Uplay for PC. After installation Run it on your system.

4. Clear the Uplay Cache

The temporary configurations and preferences are stored in the local cache. When we launch the app, these configurations and preferences are then fetched from the cache and help in loading the app. But when its storage capacity reduces, many of the files get corrupt. They won’t allow the Uplay to launch properly. So, here are some steps that will help you in clearing the Uplay cache.

  1. Go to My PC and open C: Drive.
  2. Select Program file x86 and then open Ubisoft.
  3. Now double tap on UnisoftGameLauncher and then move to Cache.
    Deleting Uplay Cache
    Deleting Uplay Cache
  4. Delete all the content from the cache folder. (But before deleting any folder try to take a backup of these).
  5. Now, Restart your system and Launch the game again.

5. Update the GPU Drivers

Outdate GPU drives won’t allow the system to launch the Uplay game. These drivers do not support the game version and can crash the files. Here are some steps through which you can update your drivers;

  1. Open the Start Menu and type Device manager on the search tab.
  2. So, Chose Display adapter. Select the option of NVIDIA Graphics 620.
  3. Press Update Drivers.
    Update Graphics Drivers
    Updating Graphics Drivers

6. Run Uplay on Compatibility Mode

Every game has some specifications and requirements. The compatibility mode helps to support the game with the new version of Windows. We will set the compatibility mode of Windows according to the game. If the above methods are not workable, you can follow this technique and launch the game.

  1. Open the file location of the Uplay app.
  2. Now Right-click on the app and select the properties
  3. So, go to the Compatibility Check and tap the option of Run this program in compatibility mode.
    Launching in Compatibility mode
    Launching in Compatibility mode
  4. So, from here you can choose the Operating System according to Uplay requirements.
  5. Now click on Apply option and save the changes. Restart your system and launch the game again.

7. Reinstallation of the Uplay Client

If you have tried all the above methods and have still not been able to resolve the issue. You should re-install the Uplay Client. But before this, uninstall the previous app. Here are some steps that will guide you in the re-installation process.

  1. For Uninstallation of the app, go to Control Panel.
  2. Select Programs then go to Programs and Features.
  3. So, go to Uplay app and right-click on it.
  4. Click on  Uninstall. When the game uninstalls, restart your computer.
    Uninstall Uplay App
    Uninstall Uplay App
  5. Now, Re-install it by going to the Ubisoft
  6. Thus, Click on the Download for PC from the right corner.
  7. Setup will install. Launch it on your computer.

If none of these works for you, you can try to re-install the game as it’s possible that there are some missing or corrupted files present in the game of directory and not allowing Uplay to launch the game.


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