Until Dawn is Getting Remastered for the PS5 and PC

After recent speculations, Sony has officially announced a remake of the interactive survival horror game, Until Dawn at the PlayStation State of Play 2024. The Remastered version has a release window of 2025 and is expected to receive quite a few enhancements across the board.

One of the most interesting details about the reveal trailer was there was no mention of the words “remake” or “remaster.” Instead, Sony is referring to it as “rebuilt and enhanced” for the newer generation meaning we can expect a lot more than just a port. The trailer mostly shows the game from a pictorial aspect including a hot tub, a wet footprint on a hardwood floor, and a creepy doll house.

Until Dawn’s newer version is more than just a port.

After the trailer release, Sony further discussed an enhanced cinematic horror experience we can expect in this newer version of Until Dawn. The game is going to not only have a massive visual upgrade but also a completely new soundscape to fully immerse you in the horrors of Blackwood Mountain. We now also have a third-person camera allowing gamers to explore locations in a completely different way.

Until Dawn originally became a major hit on PlayStation, with hundreds of positive reviews without ever getting another installment and we can hope that this hits the same way as it did back in 2015. Until Dawn Remaster will be available to PS5 and PC and is currently being handled by Ballistic Moon.


Farhan Ali

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