Spain’s Largest Amusement Park Gets An Uncharted Themed Roller Coaster

In recent years, popular video game series has expanded into other media. The Uncharted franchise is prepared for theme parks now that it has made its breakthrough on the Hollywood scene.

PortAventura World, Spain‘s largest theme park, has signed a license agreement with Sony Pictures to construct the first dark ride roller coaster based on the blockbuster film “Uncharted,” which in turn is based on the popular PlayStation video game franchise.

It has not been officially announced that the roller coaster will be the Uncharted ride, but signs point in that route. The only information we have is from the announcement video, which states that the attraction will debut at PortAventura World in Tarragona in 2023. This rollercoaster is thought to be the Uncharted ride because of how far it is in its construction and also the far west setting.

It will launch initially in Spain before expanding to other countries. There have also been early glimpses of the roller coaster’s construction appearing on social media, though these show almost no trademark elements from the project, meaning no branding as of now. It is anticipated that the opening of the 700-meter-long ride will take place next year, in 2023.

The ride is expected to be an exciting one, particularly because it will take you “on a dangerous search for one of the greatest treasures ever found alongside characters like Holland’s Nate and Mark Wahlberg’s Sully, using state-of-the-art technology to bring the adventure to life.” Before you even go on the ride, you’ll be treated to a show that is “packed full of surprises.”

Intamin Amusement Rides and Sally Corporation are constructing the attraction at a cost of 25 million euros or $26 million USD. Located in the Wild West section of the amusement park, this ride is an indoor roller coaster, at least according to HobbyConsolas. Including Disneyland’s Frontierland, this area features wild west-themed attractions like the Grand Canyon Rapids Ride and some sculptures.

The Uncharted roller coaster will be the eighth in PortAventura Park and the resort’s tenth overall, counting Ferrari Land. Formerly run by Universal, this resort is the most popular in Spain and among Europe’s top ten. Now that construction on the first theme park attraction based on a PlayStation IP has begun, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this exciting new chapter.


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