How to Unblock a Phone Number on Any iPhone

There are many good reasons to block a phone number or contact on your iPhone. Fortunately, if you are dealing with a salesperson or simply someone that you don’t want to be contacted by, Apple offers you the option to block the communication with that person.

Unblocking the caller on iPhone

What happens when you block someone on your iPhone?

If you block someone’s number they won’t be notified, but every time they try to call you they will be directly sent to voicemail. Also, attempting to FaceTime you will also fail, but they can still leave you a voicemail.

But you can still call, text, or FaceTime the person you blocked.

Note: If a blocked person calls you, your phone routes it immediately to voicemail, but you’re iPhone won’t send you an alert like it usually does when you have a new voicemail.

How to Unblock a Phone Number on iPhone

But what do you do when you block something by mistake or you realize that you need to get back to the person you’ve just blocked?

Well, there are actually two different ways to unblock a phone number on iPhone:

  1. You can unblock someone from the Settings menu.
  2. You can unblock someone from the Recent Calls list.

Here’s how to do both:

1. From the Settings menu

  1. From the home screen of your iOS device, open Settings on your iOS device.
    Accessing the Settings menu on iOS
  2. Scroll down until you find where it says Phone, tap on it then tap on Blocked Contacts.

    Accessing the Blocked contacts menu
  3. Here is a list of all the contacts that you have blocked on this device.
  4. Tap on Edit, then tap on the red dot located in the left of the number to unblock it.
    Unblocking the Caller on iPhone

2. From the Recent Calls List

  1. From the home screen of your iOS device, open Contacts via the associated icon.
    Accessing the Contacts menu
  2. Then, search the contact you want to unblock, tap on it, scroll down until you see where it says Unblock this Caller.
    Unblocking the caller on iPhone

Note: While the call-blicking feature that comes with the iPhone is fast and reliable, not the same can be said about number blocking features offered by phone carrier companies. If you blocked the number at a phone carrier level, the instructions above won’t do anything for you – In this case, you will need to reverse engineer the steps you took to block the number in the first place.

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How to Unblock a Phone Number on Any iPhone

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