How to: Transfer Contacts from Android to Iphone

We can transfer every data, let alone contacts from one phone to another; be it Android to Android or Android to iPhone or the other way. The main thing is the transfer process from one Android to other is simpler than that to iPhone. If you don’t have the idea on how to transfer contacts from your android phone to iPhone, then you have come to right place. We will teach you the different ideas.

We can transfer contacts from Android to iPhone in different ways. We explain the methods without any risks of losing any contacts.

Method 1 : Using Google Contacts

Make sure you synchronized your data with your email address in the setting. For this,


Go to the settings of your Android phone

Scroll down to Accounts and select it

Tap on Google.

Here you can see all the google accounts associated with your mobile phone. Tap on the gmail account of your choice.

Tap on three dotted menu icon and select Sync Now.

You can see the progress of all syncing that are taking place at that time

Now, go to your iPhone settings.


After you have successfully synced your data in your google account you are ready to import that data from it.

Goto Settings in your iPhone.

Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar

If you have already added gmail account then you can see Gmail option otherwise click on Add Account >> Google. Then enter your google accounts credential.

After adding google account, click on Gmail.

Now make sure you have turned Contacts Syncing On

You should now find your contacts through your Google account.

Method 2 : Exporting contacts in .vcf format


First of all we need to create a .vcf file which stores all the information of the contacts on our phone. To do so go to Contacts on your phone or (People on Nexus Phones).

Tap Import/Export Option. Select Export to Storage and select Export to SD Card.

Now all of your contacts from your phone are saved as .vcf file on your SD card. The name of the file is mostly likely 0001.vcf.

Connect your phone to your computer and copy the .vcf file on it

Create a new e-mail and send the e-mail to the address that it is configured on your iPhone device

Attach the .vcf file and send the e-mail

Go to your iPhone and look for that e-mail

Once you found it, open the attachment and upload the contact to your address book

Method 3 Use Phone Transfer desktop application

Download Phone-Transfer program for desktop from this Link.

Install the program on your desktop computer or your OSX.

After launching, you can see the interface. Connect your Android phone and iPhone.

The source device is on left and destination device is on right. If you want to change two ways, click “Flip it”.

You can see the “Select contact to copy”. Click on contacts. And hit the “Start Transfer” button.

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How to: Transfer Contacts from Android to Iphone

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