The Last of Us Part I Receives Patch for PlayStation 5: Improved Combat, Accessibility & More

The Last of Us enthusiasts are in for a treat as Naughty Dog‘s critically acclaimed game, The Last of Us Part I has just received a much-anticipated patch for PlayStation 5. This update brings a host of improvements and fixes that are sure to enhance players’ overall experience with the game. From combat adjustments to accessibility enhancements, as well as additional content, this patch is jam-packed with exciting changes.

One of the notable improvements in the patch is the remastering and increased audio quality for in-game voice lines, specifically in Brazilian Portuguese. This update aims to provide players with a more immersive and realistic audio experience, further adding to the game’s already captivating storytelling.

Another significant change in the patch is the adjustment of aim sensitivity. Players can now fine-tune their aim sensitivity on a scale of 1 to 100, with a lower minimum sensitivity. This feature allows for more precise aiming, giving players better control over their shots and increasing overall gameplay accuracy.

Combat in The Last of Us Part I has also been refined in several ways. Companion characters now throw bricks at enemies during combat more consistently, providing players with additional support in intense battle situations. Additionally, rifle weapons now use hit-scan instead of projectile physics to determine whether they hit an enemy, resulting in a more realistic and fluid shooting experience.

The Last of Us Part I | PlayStation 5 | Naughty Dog

Melee combat has also received attention in the patch. Players can now bind melee and fire to the same button in the Customize Controls menu, offering more flexibility and customization options. Melee attacks using a two-handed melee weapon now kill stunned enemies, and meleeing while sprinting now staggers Infected enemies for longer, giving players more strategic options during combat.

Furthermore, the patch includes numerous fixes and adjustments to enhance the overall gameplay experience. The speedrun mode timer now pauses during black screen fades, allowing for more accurate time tracking. The player character can move sooner after finishing a melee swing, improving gameplay fluidity. Companion characters now rescue the player character from enemy grapples more consistently, providing additional support in dangerous situations.

Ellie in the new Mortal Kombat II T-Shirt | Naughty Dog

Visual improvements have also been made throughout the game, along with fixes to subtitles, UI text, and screen reader lines to ensure a seamless and accessible experience for all players. Various checkpoints have been adjusted for better game progression, and bug fixes have been implemented to address issues such as accuracy with weapons, melee swing cancellations, and reloading animations.

Fans of The Last of Us Part I’s popular Grounded Difficulty mode will also be pleased with the patch. The accuracy of the turret truck has been reduced, providing players with a more balanced and challenging gameplay experience. In Permadeath mode, the deer hunt is no longer considered a combat encounter, providing a more realistic and immersive gameplay scenario.

In addition to the gameplay improvements and fixes, the patch also includes some exciting additional content. Players can now enjoy new HBO in-game t-shirt cosmetics for Ellie, adding a touch of customization and style to their gameplay.

Ellie in the new T-Shirt from The Last of Us HBO TV Show | Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part I’s standalone expansion, Left Behind, has also received some updates. The arcade minigame will no longer request multiple attacks that deal no damage in a row, and Ellie’s accuracy has been improved to match her accuracy during the main story. These updates ensure that players can enjoy a seamless and immersive experience throughout the entire game, including its expansion.

Accessibility has been a focus in this patch, with various improvements made to assist players with different needs. Navigation Assistance goal placement has been improved across various locations, button prompts have been fixed to show the correct button in all circumstances, and collectible items now highlight correctly when using High Contrast Mode. The screen reader now reads sub-chapter names correctly in the Chapter and Encounter Select menus, providing a more inclusive experience for all players.

What are your thoughts about this update? Is this update captivating enough to finish the game once more? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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