New Rumors Suggest The Boys Multiplayer Game Could be Under Development

A senior Genre Drama executive at Amazon, Sharon Tal Yguado, has started her own gaming studio, Astrid Entertainment. Sharon Tal Yguado is known for her work in The Walking Dead series and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power as the supervisor, and she has also overseen The Boys tv show. 

Astrid Entertainment

Before that, she worked with Fox Studio and is highly reputable in the Hollywood Industry due to her impressive portfolio. Sharon Tal Yguado has started Astrid Entertainment as her new venture to step into the gaming world and put out stories through games; Astrid Entertainment is claimed to be:

Bringing together accomplished worldbuilders and game developers to craft fantastical living worlds that inspire positive, community play.

Astrid is building its first fantastical interactive world, grounded in rich lore, environmental worldbuilding and system design to encourage the emergence of multiplayer stories.

Players will evolve worlds differently based on their actions and choices. They will get to explore the world, go on adventures, meet its fascinating characters, learn new skills, collect and share resources, all whilst building new bonds that grow and evolve over time.”

Yguado said: “I love developing rich worlds and watching millions of people engage and build communities around them.

We are seeing a new generation that wants something different. They enjoy walking into evocative worlds that give them freedom, let them hang out with their friends, explore, discover and create their own stories.”

It is also revealed that the studio has already secured a high seven-figure pre-seed investment from investment groups like NetEase Games, Stardom, and Tower 26. And it is confirmed that Astrid Entertainment is already working on its first multiplayer game. 

Although no other valuable information has been revealed about the multiplayer game and what this game is about. Still, fans were quick to speculate as there are endless possibilities, and the one that fans loved the most was The Boys Multiplayer Game. 

Is The Boys Multiplayer Game in Works?

The Boys, a comic-based tv show on Amazon Prime, has gained massive popularity due to its raw and brutal approach. Based on an x-rated comic book series, the show is toned down a bit to make it viewable for the viewers. Still, it is the most brutal superhero show out there, which is why fans love it so much. 

The Boys

And a video game based on the show could be brilliant if appropriately executed. Astrid Entertainment is considered a worthy contender to work on this game due to the previous work of Sharon Tal Yguado. As it is already confirmed that the studio is working on its first multiplayer game, it will be interesting to see Homelander or Billy The Butcher in action. 

But, you are the one controlling them. Sounds exciting, right? However, there is no official confirmation or statement from the studio that they could be working on The Boys multiplayer game, so it would be wise to take this news with a grain of salt. 

So what are your thoughts about this? Could The Boys game under development? If so, would you be interested in playing that? Let us know in the comment section below.


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