Tekken 8 Beta Release Date Potentially Leaked

A recent leak has set the Tekken community abuzz with excitement as the release date for the highly anticipated Tekken 8 beta has been revealed.

According to the leak, the beta is scheduled to launch on June 8th, coinciding with the Summer Games Fest. While the information should be taken with a grain of salt, it has ignited speculation about what fans can expect from the upcoming installment of this popular fighting game franchise.

The leak originated from the official Tekken 8 website on Steam, from where it was promptly removed. Although it could’ve been mistakenly added.

The leak also hinted at the possibility of a closed network test (CNT) for the beta. The presence of “CNT” at the end of the beta’s title sparked speculation that it could refer to a closed beta similar to the one held for Street Fighter.

However, the logistics of conducting an immediate play-now beta while maintaining a closed network test have left fans puzzled. Questions regarding the distribution of invitations and access to the closed beta in a real-time scenario remain unanswered.

The character select screen showed some vital missing characters | Tekken 8

More details about the game were also revealed on the official Tekken 8 website, including a character select screen with twelve playable fighters, but noticeably absent were three specific characters: Brian, Feng, and Lily. This led to the belief that these three fighters could be the ones unveiled during the Summer Games Fest.

With the revelation of six additional character slots labeled “coming soon” on the website, speculation arose regarding the identities of the upcoming fighters. Fans have taken to online forums and comment sections, voicing their guesses and theories about who these mystery fighters might be.


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