Does Target Accept Apple Pay? | Here’s How to Use It [2024]

  • Yes, Target does accept Apple Pay. It made Apple Pay available as a payment option in its stores and mobile app way back in 2017 and since then the overall shopping experience has become convenient for several Apple users.

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of leaving your physical wallet at home and using Apple Pay during one of your Target runs? If yes, then you have come to the right place as we are about to explore the finer details of Target’s compatibility with Apple Pay.

In this article, you will find the answer to whether Apple really accepts Apple Pay or not, along with all the little variables that go into paying through your Apple Pay account at retail stores.

Apple Pay is the most simple way to pay every day

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is an innovative payment and digital wallet system developed by the tech giant Apple. It’s designed to make our payments and purchases in both physical and online stores as convenient and secure as possible.

One of its prominent features is efficiency and ease of use. To make a purchase, users must set up Apple Pay on their iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple devices and simply tap their device near a compatible payment terminal at participating stores.

However, Apple Pay offers more than just simplicity. Apple Pay’s contactless payment feature is a game-changer. It uses a sophisticated Tokenization system for transactions which masks sensitive data with unique identification symbols, ensuring that your credentials remain safe and private.

Does Target Take Apple Pay?

Absolutely! Target is fully compatible with Apple Pay since 2017, so you can ditch your physical wallet and shop with just your Apple device in hand. You can enjoy your shopping experience with a simple and secure payment method, whether you are at Target in-person or shopping online at the Target App or Website.

In-store payments using Apple Pay

How To Use Apple Pay At Target?

Using Apple Pay at Target is easier than ever. Whether you are at a Target store or are planning to get things from the online app, here’s a quick guide to get you started. Just make sure you have Apple Pay set up and ready to go on your device.

1. In-Stores

  1. Make sure your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other compatible device is ready. Make sure it is unlocked and ready for payment.
  2. Approach the payment terminal at the checkout counter.
  3. When your device is near the terminal, it should automatically detect and prompt you to authorize it.
  4. Confirm the purchase using biometric authentication or by entering your passcode.
  5. Once it is authorized, you will receive a confirmation and your purchase is complete.

2. Target App or Website

  1. Open the Target app on your device.
  2. After you have selected your product, click on the “Ship It” option.
    Tap on the Ship It option
  3. From here, you will have the option to either add the product to your cart or pay through Apple Pay. Tap on Apple Pay.
    Choose the Apple Pay option.
  4. Your Apple Pay details will show up along with your total amount. The device will prompt you to authorize through touch or face ID and that’s it.
    Authorize your purchase

3. Bonus: Self-Checkout

If you are tired of standing in the long queues at Target, you can always use Apple Pay on self-checkouts to pay for your items. Here’s how that works:

  1. Take out your Apple device and have Apple Pay ready to go.
  2. Now, scan and bag your items at the self-checkout area as you normally would.
  3. When it’s time to pay, locate the payment terminal. You might see the Apple Pay logo or a contactless payment symbol.
  4. Hold your Apple device close to the payment terminal. It should automatically detect the device and prompt you to enter your passcode or use biometric authentication (Face ID, Touch ID) to confirm the transaction.
  5. Once the payment is authorized, you’ll receive a receipt if requested.
  6. Don’t forget to bag your purchased items before leaving the self-checkout area.

Apple Pay Not Working

Your Apple Pay is not working? Well, it could be because of several reasons. Here are some steps to troubleshoot your problem:

  • Connection: Start with the basic fixes. Verify your internet connection because Apple Pay requires good internet for transactions.
  • Card Information: Make sure your credit or debit card credentials are valid and entered correctly.
  • Device Update: Outdated software can cause payment issues. Check if there are any updates available.
  • Contact Your Bank: Sometimes, the problem can be from your bank’s end. Contact your bank to make sure that there are no restrictions applied.
  • Apple Support: If none of the steps resolve your issue, then it’s always a good idea to seek assistance from Apple Support.


In summary, Apple Pay is compatible with Target and has revolutionized the shopping experience, blending convenience and security. It has made shopping at various physical locations that much more straightforward, especially with the advent of self-checkout kiosks. You could literally be on your phone the entire time, picking up items with only one hand and leave the store unbothered.


What Other Payment Options Are Accepted At Target?

Target supports a wide array of payment methods, including Target RedCard, Third party credit and debit cards, Target gift cards, Apple Pay, and much more. Still, you can always check Target’s Website for a detailed list.

Is Apple Pay Secure?

Yes, Apple Pay is highly secure. It offers an advanced Tokenization system and biometric authentication for purchases and transactions.

Can I use Apple Pay On My Apple Watch?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch. It’s a convenient way to make contactless payments, especially when you’re on the go and want to leave your phone behind.


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