Bethesda’s Starfield to Receive Major Update: Steam Beta Release on January 17

Bethesda Game Studios has announced the impending release of Starfield’s most significant update since its launch in September 2023. The update is set to hit Steam Beta on January 17, initiating a testing phase before a global release two weeks later. 

Bethesda assured players that the update, comprising ‘over 100 fixes and improvements,’ aims to address numerous issues and enhance the overall gaming experience.

The news was shared by Bethesda on Twitter, where the studio outlined some of the key improvements players can expect. The update will tackle a multitude of quest-related bugs, including issues like being unable to dock with the Legacy or encountering problems with data transfer.

Furthermore, Bethesda emphasized that problems such as Temples not appearing in the “Into the Unknown” quest would be resolved, ensuring a smoother exploration experience for players navigating the vast cosmos within the game’s universe.

In addition to quest fixes, the update brings stability improvements and a range of graphic enhancements. Players can anticipate improved textures, lighting, and shadows, as well as additional widescreen support. Bethesda provided a before-and-after glimpse of the character generation menu, showcasing the visual improvements achieved with the update.

Among the specific issues being addressed are problems with sun disk geometry, planet ring shadows, and the notorious ‘pet asteroid’ bug. Bethesda acknowledged the persistence of bulldozed objects reappearing when returning to an Outpost, ship hatches being marked inaccessible, and asteroids following ships. The complete update notes are expected to be released next week when the Steam Beta becomes available.

Starfield | Bethesda

Despite the promising fixes and improvements, some players and industry observers note that this update appears to be more of a quality-of-life enhancement rather than introducing substantial new content. Starfield has witnessed a decline in player engagement since its initial release on September 6, 2023

The update’s success in revitalizing interest and addressing player concerns remains to be seen. As anticipation builds for the forthcoming update, speculations about possible announcements related to Starfield during the Xbox Developer Direct showcase on January 18 are circulating. 

Fans are particularly eager for information about ‘Shattered Space,’ the game’s highly anticipated first expansion. Bethesda Game Studios has yet to provide any official indication of what to expect during the showcase.

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