Square Enix Unveils Exciting Details in Latest Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer

Square Enix has just dropped a bombshell for fans eagerly awaiting the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with a brand-new trailer titled “Destined for Rebirth.” The trailer not only showcases stunning key artwork but also introduces fresh information and captivating screenshots featuring new characters and breathtaking regions within the game.

Key Artwork and Diverse Regions

The expansive world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a visual feast, boasting multiple regions, each offering a unique environment to explore. Among these, two stand out:

Starboard Junon:

This urban residential zone, nestled within a fortified metropolis overlooking the ocean, not only houses Shinra personnel but also features high-end boutiques and restaurants along its streets. Currently, preparations are underway for Rufus Shinra’s presidential inauguration parade.


A Shinra cruise ship, Shinra-8, ferries travelers between the planet’s eastern and western continents. Departing from the port of Junon, it heads for the resort town of Costa del Sol, offering on-board entertainment like the Queen’s Blood tournament.

New Characters Take Center Stage

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces intriguing characters to the lineup:

Cait Sith & Moogle:

This dynamic duo features a gregarious cat mounted on a sturdy moogle. While Cait Sith engages in battle, his high-tech helper aids in hacking computer systems and telling fortunes.


Voiced by Piper Reese in English and Megumi Toyoguchi in Japanese, Elena is a skilled member of the Turks unit, tasked with pursuing mysterious black-robed figures alongside her partner Rude.

Captain Titov:

Voiced by Tsuyoshi Koyama in Japanese, Captain Titov oversees safe passage on the Shinra-8, earning a sterling reputation for his unerring devotion to his duties and his passionate emceeing of various festivities aboard the vessel.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth | Square Enix

Unveiling Combat Abilities

The trailer delves into the combat prowess of the new additions to the party:


A nimble warrior, Yuffie excels at chaining attacks and switching elemental affinities. Her unique ability, “Doppelgänger,” allows her to exploit enemies’ weaknesses by attacking in tandem with her clone.

Cait Sith:

With the agility of an acrobat, Cait Sith darts around the battlefield, bringing out his moogle pal for a change in attacks. His unique move, “Let’s Ride!,” allows him to hop on his moogle, enhancing his regular attacks and unique abilities.

Synergy Abilities:

Unleashing powerful attacks, and synergy abilities see characters team up to turn the tide of battle. One standout is the “Moogle Pinwheel,” a synergy ability involving Yuffie and Cait Sith attacking in tandem with a secret ninja technique.

As excitement builds for the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix continues to captivate fans with glimpses into the rich world and dynamic characters that await them. Stay tuned for more updates as the highly anticipated game’s release date approaches. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29, 2024, for PlayStation 5.


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