Spotify for Android May Soon Get Google Maps Integration, Sleep Timer, and More New Features

When it comes to music streaming services, Spotify is among the top choices for a large number of users worldwide. In 2018, Spotify held 36.2% of the market share, a slight increase compared to 35.8% in 2017. Apart from its massive music catalog and personalized playlists, one of the main reasons behind Spotify’s popularity has been the overall user experience that the Spotify app offers.

New Features

In order to further improve the user experience on the Android platform, Spotify is currently testing a few new features. These features were discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, the same person who was the first to reveal that Facebook was working on a new dating feature.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature that may be coming to the Spotify Android app in the near future is Sleep timer. This feature will come in handy if you are someone who has a habit of listening to music while going to sleep. As the name of the feature suggests, users will be able to configure a specific amount of time after which the app will stop playing music. Once Spotify starts rolling out the feature to users, you will be able to find this feature in Settings for Songs.

Another exciting feature that may arrive on Android is integration with Google Maps. The feature is aimed at making it easier for users to access navigation as well as control their music while driving. Users will be able to control their music within the Google Maps app or view the navigation interface inside the Spotify app.

The third feature that is currently in testing is “Connect with friends”, which will be available within the “Connect to a device” interface in the app. It will allow your friends to add tracks from your playlist and vice versa simply by scanning a code. However, it is important to keep in mind that these features are only being tested internally as of now. This means there is no guarantee that all of the three features will eventually be made available to users.


Tony Barratt

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