Latest Spider-Man 2 Trailer Shows Venom in his Most Visceral Form

Last week, a Brazilian trailer for Spider-Man 2 was released on social media that went viral for including Venom. It showed our beloved heroes, Miles and Peter, fighting together against the supervillain. The same trailer also highlighted Peter’s updated face model which did receive positive reactions online. Overall, it was another great showcase for the upcoming game.

Today, just a few minutes ago, Sony has now “officially” released the full version of the same trailer on YouTube. This one is longer, clocking in at over a minute, compared to the previous version which was only about 30 seconds long since it was actually a TV spot, and also in a square aspect ratio. Take a look:

As you can see, this trailer focuses on Peter & Miles fighting together echoing the game’s tagline “Be Greater, Together.” Venom is shown looking beastly and menacing, towering through the streets of New York easily taking on both Spider-Men at the same time. Though, we see them pulling some cool tricks together as well to stop Venom including Miles’ own Venom blast (electric shock).

This is an extended look at Venom that expands upon the previous Brazilian trailer and shows a few extra scenes. Keep in mind that this is a CGI trailer and not a cutscene or anything. Regardless, we have attached our favorite screenshots from the trailer for you to view below in glorious 4K. The detail in these pictures is honestly incredible.


Huzaifa Haroon

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