Sony’s Cloud Gaming Handheld Apparently Runs on Android

At this year’s PlayStation Showcase, Sony unveiled the Project Q, which at first glance seemed a lot like a normal tablet squeezed between a DualSense controller. Sony’s intention behind this was to create a handheld for remote play, enabling the streaming of PS5 games directly onto the handheld through WiFi.

Leaked Video Showcases Project Q Running Android

Now, we have some interesting tidbits of information regarding the project, the most astonishing being the fact that it apparently runs on Android (or so it seems like).

According to this leaked video we’re seeing down below, the device seems to be running Android, and it pretty much seems like a finished product, although there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding this aspect just yet.

Although it’s not confirmed whether this OS is simply being run as a demo for testing out other components or if it will be included in the final product. But, in the off-chance that it does, we could be in for a treat. Why?

Well, if it does run Android, it could become [relatively] easy to bypass and run other services like Xbox Cloud and GeForce Now. Just imagine the possibility of playing Forza on this device. Pretty cool right?

Also, if Android does make it to the final product, it seems that there wouldn’t be anything unique that Sony would be bringing to the table. As we mentioned in our initial first-impressions, it appears to be simply a screen slapped onto a PS5 controller, without any additional features or innovations.

In the same article, we also talked about the issue of the device’s potential subpar battery life performance. It is concerning to see a device running Android suffering from poor battery life, which, in all honesty, cannot be justified. I mean, if it were a custom operating system, one could possibly make an argument, but considering that Project Q is running Android, Sony should undoubtedly aim for better optimization.

While this is what we know for now, lets wait for official confirmation before jumping onto any conclusions. The device is expected to be released later this year, so wait for our full analysis when it comes out. Rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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