Sony Reaches New Heights with PlayStation Software Sales, Surpasses 5.8 Billion Mark

Over all generations of Sony PlayStation hardware, the total number of PlayStation game unit software sales has already surpassed 5.8 billion. All of PlayStation’s important indicators, including as sales, hardware shipments, and software, have been updated in Sony’s most recent financial report for the second quarter.

According to statistics that were collated by TweakTown ,the total number of PlayStation software units has surpassed 5.827 billion across all generations of video game hardware, starting with the PSP and moving up to the PlayStation 5. Oddly enough, Sony does not announce the number of software units sold on the PlayStation Vita, which means that this amount is substantially larger.

Image: TweakTown

With a total of 1.997 billion games sold, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 console generations account for the biggest share of game sales. The PlayStation 4 accounts for the majority of these sales. Because of the surge in video game purchases that will occur over the Christmas season in the third quarter of 2022, these figures will surpass 2 billion.

In terms of the performance of game unit sales and revenues during the second quarter, total game profits came in at $1.313 billion, which is a little decrease year over year. In spite of this, profits from digital game sales came in at $1.04 billion, while revenues from sales of physically distributed games increased to $268 million. Game unit sales were equally down in Q2. In the three months between July and September 2022, Sony sold a combined total of 62.5 million digital and physical copies of video games. This results in a decrease in game sales volume of 18% and roughly 14 million fewer copies sold compared to the same time period in the previous year’s Q2 2021.

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Production has been going quite well. According to the previous period, we have a decline in MAUs as more people are now going outdoors. PS4 and third-party sales have been rather sluggish, and catalog titles and historical titles have been declining.

PS5 engagement is quite high, so in Q3 we expect some recovery. We have strong first-party titles and we have some seasonal effect on Q3 that we can see some of the recovery coming from the downturn.”

-CCFO Hiroki Totoki

The management of Sony has recognised that first-party and third-party game sales were down for the second quarter, but the company continues to be hopeful that heavy-hitters such as God of War Ragnarok and Modern Warfare 2 would help stabilise profitability over the Christmas season. Regarding sales of consoles, the outlook is positive, and there is space for even more growth as a result of the approach of the holiday shopping season.


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