Sonic Prime Season 2 Confirmed To Release In 2023

Sonic Prime is an animated television series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, co-produced by Netflix Animation, WildBrain Studios, Man of Action and Sega Sammy Group’s animation studio Marza Animation Planet. It is the sixth animated television series based on the franchise.

The first season, comprising eight episodes, was released on Netflix on December 15, 2022. According to WildBrain Studios, the series is to have at least 24 episodes in total.

In addition, SVP of Creative at the Canadian-based WildBrain Studios, Logan McPherson, also teased in an interview that they have more Sonic Prime episodes in the pipeline. Still, he was not sure about the release date of the next episodes. 

In the interview with What’s on Netflix, Logan was asked about the cliffhanger on which season 1 of Sonic Prime ended. He replied:

Yes, that is not the end of the story and we have made more episodes. I don’t have any details about when exactly they might launch but you can expect them in the not too distant future.

The story continues to build and stretches Sonic to his limits both physically and emotionally, so you can expect a wild ride and a lot of fun to come!!

And now it looks like fans do not have to wait long before they experience the new episodes of Sonic Prime. The official social media handles of SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog have shared a new poster of Sonic with the caption:

Get ready to sink into more Sonic Prime, coming your way later this year!

The above post confirms that the next season of Sonic Prime will be released in 2023. Still, SEGA has yet to confirm the exact release date of it, which we will let you know as soon as we receive any further information about it.

The first season of Sonic Prime was well received by the fans, and critics praised its animation, voice acting and story, but it was criticized for its weak writing. Sonic Prime has a 7.3/10 IMDb rating with a 60% Rotten Tomatoes score. 

Sonic Prime | Netflix

On December 20, 2022, Netflix announced that Sonic Prime was ranked number five of the top 10 on English television to be watched with 27.7 million hours watched between December 12 and 18.

It will be interesting to see how well season 2 of Sonic Prime builds upon its predecessor. That’s all the information we have about Sonic Prime Season 2. 

What are your thoughts about this news? Did you like season 1 of the show? What do you expect will happen in the next season? Let’s discuss this in the comment section below.


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