Sonic & Friends Trademark Could Be Linked to a New TV Show, Revival of 90s’ Sonic The Hedgehog

After trademarking Sonic and Friends” last month, SEGA has now filed a trademark for the logo of the same name.

Sonic & Friends Trademark | Chizai-Watch

It’s being reported that the logo was actually filed earlier this month, on 18th of July, but has been made public just now. The trademark, which falls under the category of “programs for home video game consoles,” DOES suggest that it is related to a video game. However, the ambiguity surrounding its exact nature leaves some room for speculation.

The trademarked logo | Chizai-Watch

The trademark was discovered on Chizai-Watch, but the big question is that what does it refer to? Is it a TV Series, a video game, a DLC, we don’t know for sure, but what what we CAN infer is the fact that the trademark filing could be linked to a TV show, specifically targeting a younger audience.

Sonic the Hedgehog” was really popular in the 90s, and it is quite possible that SEGA wants the newer generation of viewers to share the same experience. Also, it could be something of a nostalgic show for those old time fans.

Sonic the Hedgehog | SEGA

Interestingly, while researching on this, we’ve discovered a YouTube channel with the same name, “Sonic and Friends,” having over 325K subscribers.

This, and last month’s trademark filing may raise questions about the channel’s branding, as SEGA’s ownership of the name could potentially lead to conflicts in the future. However, this situation can be addressed via mutual cooperation or some sort of licensing agreements between SEGA and the channel owner.

Adding to the mystery, you could easily make out the fact that there are conflicting reports from various sources. While a lot of people believe it could be a TV show, others, like Sonic fan site Sonic Stadium, have claimed that it is indeed a video game.

The issue is that SEGA has not yet made any official announcements about Sonic & Friends, so we’re not sure what the project actually is. However, the trademark filing suggests that something IS in the works, and we’ll hopefully be informed in the future.

At the moment however, this is all we know, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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