Skyrim Gets Unofficial DLSS/XeSS/FSR Support

Yesterday marked Skyrim’s eleventh anniversary, and in celebration, modders have created something new for the game.

The action role-playing video game Skyrim, which was developed by Bethesda and released ten years ago, will soon receive DLSS support, along with AMD FSR 2 and Intel XeSS GPU upscaling software thanks to a Skyrim mod.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will soon receive full support for Nvidia’s temporal upscaling technology known as DLSS, according to modders who have made the announcement. However, this support will not be officially available to everyone. This gives users the ability to make use of the artificial intelligence accelerators on their graphics cards, which can significantly boost the rendering resolution while simultaneously improving performance. This could be a huge benefit for fans of Skyrim who are looking to run a large number of mods in addition to this.

The visual quality of the PC version of the game is enhanced alongside the significant performance boost. Skyrim is shown here being upscaled from its native 360p resolution to 4K for the video. Thanks to PureDark, the mod’s author and Mern, you can see this clearly displayed on YouTube.

DLSS on Skyrim Looks absolutely stunning. Everything from the visuals to the gameplay feels buttery smooth and it doesn’t feel like you are playing a decade-old game.

It’s a well-known fact that Skyrim’s sizable modding community is constantly on the lookout for new ways to implement cutting-edge technology into the game, despite the fact that Skyrim is a game that’s been around for a while and has relatively low requirements to run on a modern computer. DLSS is just the most recent of these technologies, and players will soon be able to take full advantage of a well-implemented version of this technology.

Furthermore, those who don’t have an Nvidia GPU can still enjoy the benefits of Super Sampling thanks to the mod’s support for FSR2 and XeSS, the super sampling for AMD and Intel graphics cards, respectively.

PureDark, the modder writes “I am the author of the mod, I am aware that the most GPU-heavy mod is ENB and I’ve already talked with Boris about it, he agreed to do the compatibility from his side(which is the only way to make ENB compatible since it’s close sourced)”

He further continues “But for those who are not lacking GPU power, DLAA provides much better AA than TAA with some extra performance cost, and it works with ENB out of the box [because] there’s no upscaling involved.

This is more for GPU limited situation, which I know is hard to get into with 1080P, but it’s actually pretty easy to hit GPU bottleneck at 4k with some graphic mods.

But with all that said, the mod is not publicly released yet; I would still need to make it VR compatible before releasing it, and since there are ENB presets that are compatible with the VR version’s dynamic resolution, I can at least make it work with ENB in VR.”

PureDark’s Skyrim mod, which implements DLSS and various other upscaling methods, is available on GitHub. There are no public releases as of yet, so you’ll have to wait a bit for that. But, otherwise everything you need to know about installing and using this Skyrim mod can be found in Mern’s video or on the GitHub page for the project.

Before deciding on a release date for this thrilling mod, the modder is working to perfect VR compatibility. Hopefully, it will be made available to the public soon.


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