FIX: Screen Goes to Sleep/Off By Itself on Windows

Some Users reported monitor or screen going to sleep or turning off by itself while watching a movie, playing video games or doing nothing. This usually happens after a couple of minutes. Most computer screens nowadays are able to save energy by dimming down the back light of the screen itself to a lower percentage, or by just completely turning off the screen. While this may save power, it may be annoying whilst watching a movie. Because of different situations, Windows implemented features to control the internal energy saver, to allow you to set, disable or modify this behavior. Unfortunately some users are still not able to modify their system, regarding saving energy or turning off the computer screen. Despite setting Windows to never turn off the computer screen or only dim after an hour or more, users still experience a black screen after the initial 10 minutes or so.

In this guide I will tell you what may be the cause and how to resolve this issue.

Solution 1: Change Power Settings

A freshly installed Windows 10 will automatically turn off your computer screens after 10 minutes. To disable that, right-click on the Windows-icon in the bottom left corner of your taskbar click on Power Options. Now click on Change plan settings for the selected plan.

In the now opened window you are able to change the values for Turn off the display:. Change it to Never or set a time. Test to see if this resolves the issue, if not move to Solution 2.

monitor turns off by itself

Solution 2: Malware Scan

Certain malwares on boot can also trigger this behavior. Users reported, that after scanning their systems with Malwarebytes, they were able to have this issue resolved. See further steps here

Solution 3: Repair System Files

If system files are corrupt, they can prompt Windows to “skip” the settings user has specified. Windows has a built-in utility called SFC Scan to repair system files. See steps here


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