Samsung smartphones found to have the highest failure rate in Q1 2018

Data security firm Blancco has released its “State of Mobile Device Repair & Security” report for the first quarter of this year. The report reveals that in the January-April 2018 period, Samsung smartphones had the highest failure rate. The report is based on internal mobile diagnostics and mobile erasure data collected from iOS and Android devices that were brought into countless mobile carriers and device manufacturers for diagnostic tests and mobile erasure.

Android-powered smartphones tested using the Blancco Mobile Diagnostics solution were found to be more likely to fail with a failure rate of 19 percent. It’s slightly higher compared to the iOS failure rate of 15 percent.

Performance issues on Android devices took the top spot in Q1 2018. Performance was measured to be the top issue that Android owners faced in Q1 2018 followed by camera and microphone problems in second and third place on the list of top 5 Android performance issues worldwide in the period ending January-April. On the other hand, Bluetooth issues were the top customer pain point for iOS device owners. Wi-Fi and headset issues continued to irk customers as well.

Samsung smartphones left a lot to be desired in the firm’s Q1 2017 Mobile Performance report as well which noted that many Samsung handsets once again appeared in the list of top 10 Android devices with the highest failure rates. About 27 percent of Samsung models showed performance issues in the latest report compared to just 14 percent for Xiaomi and 9.5 percent for Motorola devices.



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