Upcoming Samsung S24 Ultra will be Wider than the S23 Ultra, Leaker Claims

Despite rumors that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will keep the same rectangular appearance as the Galaxy S23 Ultra, one source claims that Samsung will make its premium flagship device slimmer and shorter.

According to rumours, the S24 will feature a unique aspect ratio due to its width and shorter length compared to the S23 Ultra. More information was given by the leaker which has been detailed down below.

Compared to the 163.4mm length of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is what Ice Universe reports on X, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be just 162.3mm long. Additionally, the insider claims that the phone will be thinner than the Galaxy S23 Ultra, coming in at 8.6mm in comparison to 8.9mm. There was talk before that Samsung, following Apple’s lead, would begin using titanium in its high-end smartphones.

Wider than Before

At this time, it is impossible to say whether or not the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be manufactured by Samsung using a switch from aluminum and glass to titanium alloy. Samsung is believed to be shortening the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s successor, which will be welcome news for those with smaller hands, however this comes at the expense of making the forthcoming flagship broader. Ice Universe claims the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be 79 millimeters wide, which is a slight increase from the current 78.1 millimeters.

Wider smartphones indicate Samsung will employ an unusual aspect ratio for the screen, and we expect the width to be increased to accommodate the S Pen module. It seems that Samsung is trying to refine the Galaxy S24 Ultra by making these minor adjustments. It’s intriguing enough that Samsung is said to have slimmed down the Galaxy S24 Ultra while keeping the same 5,000mAh battery.

These measurements may or may not be the final ones for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, as they may have been taken from a prototype. In other words, take this information with a grain of salt, and check back for updates.

Source: Ice Universe


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