Rockstar Is Warning Developers to Steer Clear of GTA VI’s Release

On November 8th, Rockstar made a surprise announcement, stating that the trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto game would be released in early December. The announcement tweet on X/Twitter shattered records, becoming the most viewed and liked gaming tweet ever.

Recently, a QA tester for Capcom posted a screenshot on X showcasing what seemed to be an email from “RSGNYC PR,” possibly standing for ‘Rockstar Games New York Public Relations.’ However, the developer did position it as an actual email. The email said “[Important] Unveiling the Next Chapter.

This post sparked quite a bit of discussion on various forum sites, with many arguing that the screenshot may be fabricated for attention. Meanwhile, others asserted that Rockstar simply wants the developers not to release their games within a specified time period, so they can avoid being overshadowed by the hype surrounding GTA.

From some of the information provided by the author of the post, it is evident that the email contains some important dates and details. However, nothing was mentioned about what these specifics actually signify. It can be inferred that they are related to Grand Theft Auto’s trailer, but the email lacks any clear connections to this.

It might seem odd for a Rockstar email to be sent to a Capcom employee, but the reason for that could be something else. See, Capcom handled all of Grand Theft Auto releases in Japan from 2003-2008, so it could very well be possible that Rockstar wants to communicate the release schedules with Capcom beforehand.

With the hype for GTA VI reignited, multiple rumours and leaks starting surfacing on the internet questioning the authenticity of what is real and what is not. So, till the trailer releases, it is best to take everything with a grain of salt.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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