Leaker Suggests Classic Rockstar Games Could Be Coming To GTA+

Earlier this month, Rockstar sent selected players a survey regarding GTA Online. It was speculated that it was related to the future updates for GTA Online as recently, in an earnings call, Take-Two’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, and President Karl Slatoff assured the fans that the studio will support GTA Online with seasonal updates on top of the online heist events that are already being added to the game frequently. 

Throughout the balance of the fiscal year, Rockstar Games will continue to support Grand Theft Auto Online with additional major content updates alongside popular annual seasonal theme offerings and more”.

-Karl Slatoff

However, a Rockstar insider and leaker, Tez2 suggests that the survey was related to GTA Online’s subscription service GTA+ and players were asked questions like which existing features of the game are most useful and which features of the game are least attractive.

Other than this, two new offers were also mentioned in the survey, and players were asked whether they would like to enjoy instant travel throughout the GTA city or not with the help of GTA+. The other question was about including the Rockstar Classic games in the GTA+ service.

This last question grabs your attention quickly; this could be anything, but as Tez2 mentions, this could be Rockstar’s Game Pass, where you can access Rockstar’s classic games, including the Bully and Max Payne series for the players who subscribe to GTA+. 

Undoubtedly this sounds enticing, and any fan of these classics would be all in for this treat, but the question here would be whether this will be a simple port of these classics, or are we looking at remastered versions of these games here, that would be a dream come true for a Rockstar fan. 

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Cover art for Rockstar Games’ GTA 5 | Rockstar Games

Still, it will be wise to take this news with a pinch of salt, especially after Take-Two’s CEO statement regarding subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus; according to him, no doubt these services are doing great in their niche, but he does not believe that the type of games Take-Two Interactive makes falls under that category so it will be unrealistic for them to release their games day-one on subscription services. 

However, even this recent statement by Strauss Zelnick does not imply that their games cannot be on subscription services after years of their release, like various GTA and Red Dead games were on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus from time to time. But the complete library of Rockstar games on a subscription service (GTA+) is new for the books. 

GTA Online
GTA Online

About GTA+

GTA+ is a monthly membership program delivering exclusive benefits including:

  • GTA $500,000 (In-game currency) deposited monthly.
  • Access to Member-only Shark Cash Cards, with a 15% GTA$ bonus.
  • Access to claim rotating vehicle-related benefits such as free vehicles and aircraft, early access to upcoming vehicles, vehicle upgrades, discounts and more.
  • Access to claim rotating property-related benefits such as free properties, property add-ons, discounts, and more.
  • Access to claim rotating additional rewards such free clothing, items, vehicle liveries and more.
  • Access to claim rotating special GTA$ and RP accelerator bonuses, discounts and more.

New Member-only events launch each month and will deliver a new set of benefits. The availability of certain Member-only benefits may change over time.

It will be interesting to see how this works out, if true. So what are your thoughts about this? Do you expect anything like this from Rockstar in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.


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