Record Discord Audio in High Quality using OBS and Craig

Discord is a platform for gamers and other communities to communicate through text and voice for free. Users can communicate with multiple users by using the voice channel in the discord server. However, discord doesn’t allow a recording feature for voice communications. Users can use some third-party solutions to record their discord audio when communicating through voice chat. Make sure you have the permission of others when recording their conversation. In this article, we will show you how to record discord audio by using craig discord bot and how to record discord with obs. You can also use craig to record discord calls.

Record Discord Audio in High Quality using OBS and Craig
Recording Audio of Discord

1. Record Discord Audio through Craig Bot

Discord has Bots for most of the features that a user requires in the discord server. The audio recording craig discord bot is pretty famous for recording the discord’s audio. This Bot can be added in the server and used by typing the commands after typing the commands it will let you record discord calls. The recording files will be provided by a link through the direct message. Users can download the file in different audio formats or remove the recording file through these links. Follow the below steps to add and use the Craig discord bot in the discord server to record discord audio and record discord calls:

  1. Open your browser and go to the Craig Discord Bot website. Click on the “Invite Craig to Your Discord Server” button.
    Note: Log in to your account, if you are not already logged in.

    Adding Bot to your Discord server
  2. Select the server in the Add Bot To list for which you want to add the bot and click on the Authorize button.
    Selecting the server and authorizing
  3. The Bot will be added to the server and you will be able to see a welcome message for it.
    Bot welcome message in the server
  4. Now to start the recording you need to type the following command.
    :craig:, join
    Starting recording
  5. The Bot will join the voice channel, notify the users by saying “now recording“, and then start the recording.
    Recording started
  6. You can stop the recording by using the following command.
    :craig:, leave
    Stopping recording
  7. Once the Bot leaves the channel, you will get a direct message from the Bot with the link for the audio recorded file. Click on the link and choose one of the audio formats to download.
  8. You can also specify a channel name in a command like “:craig:, join General” and to stop recording for specific channel “:craig:, leave General“.

This should help you easily record discord audio with the help of craig discord bot. Keep in mind that you can also you craig to record discord calls.

2. Record Discord Audio Calls using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

You can also use the OBS to record the audio from the desktop and discord. OBS is mostly used for recording the screen or window of any application. However, this can also be used to record the audio from the microphone and speakers. Since the audio from other users will be coming from the speakers and for your own voice you will be using the microphone. However, this will also record other audio from applications or games. Follow the below steps to configure the OBS for the audio recording of discord:

  1. Download the OBS application from the official site if you don’t already have it. Install it on your system and open it by double-clicking on the shortcut or searching it through the Windows search feature.
    Downloading OBS software
  2. In the Sources box, click on the Add (+) button, and choose the Audio Out Capture option in the list.
    Adding a new audio source
  3. Name the New Source by renaming the name and click on the Ok button.
    Naming new source
  4. In the Properties for Audio Output Capture, you can select the Device that is being used on your system. You can choose default if a single device is used.
    Selecting audio device
  5. Click on the Ok button and a new source will be added. In the Audio Mixer, you can see the source audio and mic audio bars. You can increase or decrease the volume by adjusting the blue bars. You can also mute any of the audio by clicking on the speaker icon.
    Adjusting audio bars and starting recording
  6. Click on the Start Recording button to start the recording in the OBS application. If the Screen isn’t added, the OBS will record the black screen with your audio.

There are some other softwares that are similar to OBS. You can also use any of those if you already have one. However, some applications like Audacity will only provide the recording of the microphone or speaker. Recording your microphone only will be useless when you can’t record the audio of other users. We have a whole dedicated article on how to record discord with audacity you can try and check if it works best for you to record discord audio or record discord calls if you want to record them.


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