Qualcomm’s Nuvia-Based SoC to Feature 12-Core CPU, Could Compete With Apple Silicone

Although Qualcomm’s first Nuvia-based processor isn’t expected to launch until 2024, that doesn’t mean the company isn’t busy running comprehensive experiments on that very silicon. According to the most recent information from dubious sources, this unverified SoC will offer a 12-core CPU arrangement in addition to numerous other perks. 

Kuba Wojciechowski, a code researcher and tipper, has now revealed what appear to be the first facts about a new Qualcomm “desktop” chip that is expected to launch in 2024. The processor, code-named Hamoa, might contain up to 12 CPU cores, according to Wojciechowski. He says it might have four efficiency cores and eight performance cores, to be more precise.

The tipster continues, saying that this rumoured processor will contain internally developed Phoenix CPU-based cores, memory and cache setup akin to Apple’s M1 silicon, and “very promising” performance. Additionally, according to Wojciechowski, Hamoa will support separate GPUs, presumably enabling PC manufacturers to integrate their own graphics cards into the system. This represents a departure from the integrated Adreno graphics offered by the Snapdragon PC chips used today. 

If the first generation of Snapdragon notebook CPUs with the Nuvia name are released, these laptops may be able to link to external GPU enclosures via the Thunderbolt interface, something that Apple no longer permits on its MacBook line. Recall that the M1 Pro and M1 Max from Apple have more performance cores than efficiency ones, so Qualcomm sticking with this layout is not unusual.  

Sadly, there is a lot of information out there that we cannot access right now. We are unsure of what to compare this secret SoC’s performance with because it is still unknown. However, further information on the subject is anticipated, so we’ll keep you posted.


Muhammad Zuhair

Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analyzing information and then presenting it to the audience.