PS5 Special Edition Consoles May Be Coming Soon, According to A New Job Listing

Throughout their existence, PlayStation systems have undergone several changes. In addition to hardware updates, PlayStation has introduced several limited and special edition consoles. 

The PlayStation 4 featured several limited edition variations in the same period as Sony’s most recent system. It seems strange for Sony to pass up a chance to increase system sales, even though this may be due to the PS5’s readily removable faceplates. This may, however, be about to change.

A recent job posting for a packaging planner at PlayStation includes among other things a hint to prospective limited edition PS5 systems.

Job Listing for Packaging Staff | Image: PlayStation

According to the job description, this position handles packaging initiatives for hardware bundles, collector’s editions, and special editions of games. This is intriguing in light of Sony’s current lack of special edition consoles. This may indicate that Sony is getting ready to offer many special edition bundles for their current PS5 lineup.

Sony may consider a wide range of limited edition and customized PlayStation consoles as supply bottlenecks are predicted to improve in the coming months.

Due to the general decline in consumer demand, Sony recently revealed a revenue loss. However, the PlayStation 5’s future appears to be quite bright. A variety of new system iterations should only heighten the excitement surrounding the PlayStation 5. The idea of brand-new console variations is sure to thrill consumers.


Muhammad Zuhair

Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analyzing information and then presenting it to the audience.