Sony Reveals New PS5 Exclusive “Fairgame$”, Developed by Haven

Fairgame$ is the latest IP to join the PlayStation lineup and its developed by Haven. It can be touted as a mixture between WatchDogs and Payday with the way it looks to modernize the heist game.

Haven Studios, a Montreal-based developer, was first launched in 2021 with the stated mission to “create worlds where players can escape, have fun, express themselves, and find community.” After Google shut down Jade Raymond‘s Stadia-focused studio, she left and eventually created the company. Raymond had previously gained notoriety for her contributions to the Assassin’s Creed series.

Later, Sony bought out Haven in its entirety, and Mark Cerny, chief system architect for PlayStation 4 and 5, began collaborating closely with the developer on future projects. One of these projects was Fairgame$, which was quite awaited by fans and people were following it closely.

Although no actual gameplay was shown, the Fairgame$ CG teaser appears to promise a multiplayer co-op heist mode in which players sneak into the houses of the wealthy and steal millions of dollars. There were also a number of grappling hooks used.

The game’s goal is to provide an engaging look into a world where players can take on the role of a modern-day Robin Hood by breaking the law and uncovering the nefarious schemes of corrupt multibillionaires. The end goal is a more equitable distribution of wealth.

Fairgame$ Gameplay | PlayStation

While the theory is interesting, it is the prospect of defying authority and stealing priceless treasure that will attract adventurers and those interested in the complexity of a heist.

According to earlier confirmations from Haven, Fairgame$ is the live-service PlayStation 5 exclusive. The final “See you soon” remark accompanied by a QR code may indicate the release of a beta version soon, but nothing else is known. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated.


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