Unable to Join a FaceTime Group Call? Here’s the Solution

If you are unable to join the FaceTime group call, there could be an issue with your network or phone settings. Usually, users haven’t updated their iPhones to iOS 12.1.4 or later, which is the primary requirement to make FaceTime group calls. Moreover, there could be a glitch in your operating system that’s preventing you from joining calls on FaceTime. 

Problems Joining a FaceTime Group

Whatever the reason may be, the good news is you can easily fix this issue and enjoy FaceTime with friends and family. In this article, we have discussed a few verified troubleshooting methods that have worked for other iPhone users facing a similar issue. So, read on to learn all about the fixes. 

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first step is to ensure that you have a stable internet connection. FaceTime requires a strong and durable internet connection to work correctly. If your internet is slow or unstable, you cannot join the group call.

If you are using Wi-fi, unplug the connector and wait for a few minutes, and plug it back in. By doing this, your router will restart and any glitches will be removed. If the Wi-fi is still not working efficiently, switch to mobile data and then join FaceTime.

Switch to Cellular data
Switch to Cellular data

If you are using mobile data and there is a network problem, turn on the Airplane mode for a few seconds and turn it back off. It will restart the network and any network glitches will be removed. Hence, you’ll be able to join the FaceTime group.

Turn on Airplane mode and turn it back off
Turn on Airplane mode and turn it back off

2. Make Sure You Are Using a Compatible Device

FaceTime is an Apple product, so it only works on Apple devices. Suppose you are using an Android, Windows, or another non-Apple device. In that case, you won’t be able to use FaceTime to join the group call.

If you are using an Apple device but can’t join a FaceTime group, it means your device is not compatible with the app version other group members are using. Ensure that all members’ devices are running the latest version of iOS or macOS and that you have updated the FaceTime app to the newest version.

Update iOS: 

  1. Go to Settings > General > Software update.
    Go to Software Update
    Go to Software Update
  2. Here, tap on Download and Install the update.
    Download and Install the update
    Download and Install the update

Update FaceTime app: 

  1. Go to the App Store and search for FaceTime App.
  2. Tap the Update button next to the app icon. If there is no update available, it means the FaceTime app is running on the latest version. In this case, you’ll see the Open button instead of Update.
    Update FaceTime
    Update FaceTime

3. Check Your Settings

FaceTime only works as expected if your device’s settings are correctly configured. By ensuring that the settings are properly configured, you can enjoy seamless and reliable communication using FaceTime. Follow the following steps to check your device settings:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
     Settings app
    Open the Settings app
  2. Scroll down and tap on FaceTime. Make sure that the FaceTime toggle switch is turned on and the Camera/Microphone options are enabled.
    settings app
    Tap on FaceTime.
  3. If you were invited to the FaceTime group via a link, check the link again to ensure that the link is still valid and has not expired.
  4. If you are experiencing connectivity issues, try toggling the Wi-Fi, or Cellular Data switch on and off to reset your network connection.

4. Restart Your Device and Try Again

When you restart your device, it clears the device’s memory. It closes all running apps and processes, which helps resolve any temporary software issues affecting your ability to join the group call. Restarting your device is a simple and effective solution that helps resolve the issue.

Here are the steps to restart your device and join the group call again:

  1. Press and hold the power button on your device until the slide to power off option appears on the screen.
  2. Slide the power off switch to the right to turn off your device.
     power off
    Slide the power off switch to the right
  3. Wait a few seconds and then press and hold the power button again until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  4. Once your device has restarted, open the FaceTime app and try to join the group called again.
    Tap on Continue
    Tap on Continue

5. Contact Apple Support

If you’re unable to join a FaceTime group call despite trying different troubleshooting methods. In that case, it is necessary to contact Apple support. Here are the steps to follow to contact Apple support:

  1. Visit the Apple Support website or use the Apple Support app on your device.
     Apple Support website
    Visit the Apple Support website
  2. Choose the device or service you need help with and select the issue you’re experiencing.
    Apple Support Services
    Choose the device or service
  3. Select the best contact method for you, such as phone, email, or chat.
  4. Follow the prompts to provide your contact information and describe the issue you’re experiencing.
  5. Once connected with an Apple support representative, explain the problem in detail and provide any relevant information, such as error messages or troubleshooting steps you’ve already tried.
  6. The support representative will provide you with further assistance.

Apple support provides tailored assistance based on your specific issue. They also have access to more advanced troubleshooting tools and resources than what is available to the general public.

Additionally, it’s essential to keep in mind that there are limitations to how many people can join a FaceTime group, so double-check the group size and ensure you’re not exceeding the maximum number of participants.

Finally, if all else fails, consider using alternative video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet to connect with your group. These platforms offer similar features and are more accessible for specific devices or network conditions.


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