Fix: Powershell has stopped working

The error “Powershell has stopped working” is caused by a virus (poweliks) on your computer. You are likely experiencing the computer at it’s peak levels of slowness. Unlike other sites, i test my solutions very carefully before posting them so i’ll come straight to the solution now. Before you begin, please bookmark this page for accessing it while you perform the steps.

1. Restart the computer and repeatedly tap F8 key to open “Advanced Boot Menu” – The F8 key needs to be pressed before you see the windows logo and at the post screen, repeatedly until “Advanced Boot Menu” appears. If it doesn’t please repeat the process.

2. Once you see the Advanced Boot Menu; select “Safe Mode with Networking”. The picture is for illustration and show Safe Mode, but you need to select “Safe Mode with Networking”.

Safe Mode

3. Login to your windows, it’ll be compact, and limited in features but that is what we need to do to get rid of the “poweliks” causing powershell errors.

4. Before proceeding to the next step, follow steps in this guide “Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded” and then return to this page to continue from step 5.

5. Now download Reimage Plus by clicking the link below. Unfortunately, Anti-Virus software’s like Norton, AVG and McAfee will not protect you from Malwares like Poweliks which is the reason we need Reimage Plus to do a full scan. I highly recommend buying it so it can scan your system, and replace the corrupt files with it’s repository. You can get it from here

6. After it has been downloaded, install it. Open it and scan your system with it. Follow steps it lists on screen.

7. After this is done, restart the computer back into safe mode. See Step 1

8. Next, click here to get Malwarebytes

9. Download, Install and Run it.

10. Do a full scan and clean the issues it has found then reboot back into safe mode. See Step 1

11. Download ESET Poweliks Remover

12. Click on the downloaded file ESETPoweliksCleaner.exe and open it, click Run if asked by the system and then click Agree to accept the terms.

13. If the ESET window tells you that it has found Poweliks press Y key on the keyboard to confirm removal, if not then you’re good.  

Threat not found


Method 2: Enabling Powershell

In some cases, Powershell might be disabled in Windows’ configurations. Therefore, in this step, we will be enabling it from settings. In order to do that:

  1. Press the “Windows” + “S” keys to open the search panel.
  2. Type in “Windows Features” and click on the “Turn Windows Features ON or OFF” option.
    Clicking on the “Turn Windows Features ON or OFF”
  3. Wait for the list to load, scroll down and search for “Powershell” or “Windows Powershell” option.
    Selecting “Windows Powershell 2.0” option
  4. Once found, double click on it to expand it and check both the boxes.
    Checking both boxes
  5. Click on “OK” and check to see if the issue persists.


  1. I did everything you said and it’s still happening…and driving me crazy. I do not think I had the virus you mentioned. Any other ideas?

  2. Omg!!!! Thank you soooo much. Geek Squad has tried 3 times remotely to fix it and $200 later I was able to fix it myself thanks to you yayyyyy

  3. Absolutely…I already bookmarked this page unless you have a better way to contact you 🙂

  4. So I’ve been running to malwarebytes system so far scanning over 1,000,000 items taking over 12 hours. I am running the system on safe mode with networking. I have a windows 8 and just wondering if this is normal?

  5. Still running across APPDATA/Local files taking 18 hours now. Is there another way to get the same results but with a faster program?

  6. I wasn’t able to run the ESET Poweliks Cleaner. My computer windows 8 doesn’t support the application

  7. I think the files are coming across some files that repeats it self but the numbers of the objects scan still increase almost to 2,000,000.

  8. I’m trying this right now. Got through steps 1-9, waiting on AdwCleaner to clean things up. Malwarebytes took almost 4 hours to finish. Hoping AdwCleaner doesn’t take that long, haha! Hoping this all works! NOT going to geek squad….they have no clue what they’re doing…ever.

  9. I just finished that step and got the ‘threat not found’ message, so I should be good. The error messages are no longer appearing. Now I’m fighting a different battle as a gamer with Origin because I can’t bypass them anymore to play any EA Games and it’s giving me a blank log-in screen, haha! Thanks for the info to stop the powershell issue though 🙂

  10. Nahh, it was a connection issue and internet wasn’t available at the time 🙂 Origin is a pain in the ass for gamers and wants you to connect to the internet to play anything anymore, even for a game that you have a disc for. Thanks again for the help with the powershell issue! Laptop has been running great all night!

  11. I deleted the virus but still got the “Windows Power Shell has stopped” error. I noticed it comes up after launching Internet Explorer. SFC did not fix it. Startup Repair did not fix it.
    Resolution: Go to “Turn windows Features Off/On” and uninstall IE…reboot…go back and re-check it to reinstall. copy the IE.exe from Program files back to the Desktop….viola…no more error.
    <MCTS – Windows 7

  12. Thank you so much for this information. I went through every step like it said and I got my wife’s computer working like a charm again. Now when you click on something it goes there a 100% faster. You guys ROCK!!!

  13. Well I am just starting on your recommended process but I want to say that I am not tech savvy but I can understand everything so far, so congrats for that alone.
    If it works, I will add a real feedback.
    Thank you.

  14. I can’t get it to open Advanced Boot Options… I have Windows 10. Can someone help?

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Fix: Powershell has stopped working

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