Microsoft PowerPoint Crashing on iPad? Here is the fix

Microsoft PowerPoint is known to crash on the newer versions of iPads recently. This is probably because the application is constantly updated to keep up with different technologies in newer devices like the iPad Air.

Microsoft PowerPoint Crashing on iPad
Microsoft PowerPoint Crashing on iPad Fix

This PowerPoint crashing issue has been reported by many iPad Air users. In some cases, the users reported that they faced a similar crashing issue on other Office apps as well. Although, there can be many causes for this issue but following are the reasons chiefly responsible for crashing the PowerPoint app on the iPad Air:

  • Outdated PowerPoint App: The PowerPoint app along with other Microsoft Office apps is updated regularly to keep up with new features. If your PowerPoint app is missing an essential update, it may have become incompatible with the iPadOS, resulting in the crashing issue at hand.
  • Corrupt OS of the iPad Air: If the OS of your iPad has become corrupt, then it may lead to the PowerPoint crashing issue at hand.

Update the PowerPoint App of Your iPad to the Latest Release

The incompatibility between the OS and outdated PowerPoint app causes various issues including race conditions if some process is not fulfilled. In this case, updating your PowerPoint app to the latest build may solve the crashing issue.

  1. Launch the App Store of your iPad and tap on your Profile icon on the top of the screen.
  2. Now find the PowerPoint app and click on Update (or you can select Update All). You can also update the PowerPoint applications from the Help menu of another Office application (like Word) as the updates of all the Office applications are offered, even if you check for an update for a single Office app.
    Check for Office Updates Through the Help Menu of MS Word
  3. Once the PowerPoint app is updated, launch it and check if it is clear of the crashing issue.

If that did not work, then you may install the combined MS Office application and use its PowerPoint version (a scaled-down version of the PowerPoint app) till the issue is resolved with the PowerPoint app.

If the issue persists, then you may use another presentation application (like Keynote) or upload the presentations to Google Drive (or another cloud service) and use the Google Slides to complete the presentation.

If you are bound to use PowerPoint, then you may reset the iPad to factory defaults to solve the PowerPoint crashing issue.


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